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Is the Alaskan Malamute the Dog for You?

The Alaskan Malamute is a quiet dog compared to most but
they do like to dig and howl. They will need to be watched
around small animals as they have a strong prey instinct
that may take over at times. They are usually good around
other animals once it is made clear that these are not food
but friends. Malamutes have been known to raise orphan
kittens on occasion.

Proper socialization is a must for this dog as they can
become overly aggressive with other dogs. They must be
trained how to properly get along with other dogs. Obedience
training is highly recommended for this breed as well.

The male dog can reach twenty-six inches (sixty-six
centimeters) on average in height and weigh ninety-five
pounds (forty-three kilograms). The female dog can reach
twenty-four inches (sixty-one centimeters) in height and
weigh eighty-five pounds (thirty-nine and one half

In general the Alaskan Malamute is a very hardy breed that
can withstand extremely cold temperatures. They need to be
kept cool in the heat. This breed has become over bred
recently so it is important that you buy your puppy from a
registered responsible breeder that can show papers,
parents, lineage and veterinarian checkups and DNA mapping.
These dogs are prone to hip dysplasia, especially if inbred.
They are also prone to dwarfism and bloating/gas.

The Alaskan Malamute has a very dense coat and they need to
be brushed consistently twice a day as they are massive
shedders and you will end up with dog hair everywhere
otherwise. Twice a year the undercoat will fall out in big
clumps of fur. They don't require regular bathing as the
coat tends to shed dirt easily. You can dry shampoo the dog
occasionally if you wish. This dog is odorless and clean
when kept healthy.

The Alaskan Malamute is a high energy working dog and isn't
suitable in apartments. They should at least have a yard to
play in and a high fence that has a buried base or they will
dig under it or jump over it. The Malamute is a wanderer and
will roam if allowed to. If you live in a place with a hot
season, make sure that this dog has shade and plenty of cool
water to drink.

Alaskan Malamutes require regular daily walking, but be
careful to not overdo any activity when it is hot outside.
Healthy Malamutes can live up to fifteen years and have an
average litter of six puppies.

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