So Magnificently Stately and Majestic Belgian Sheepdog Calendars

Would the Belgian Sheepdog be a Good Family Dog?

Of the four different Belgian Sheepdogs the Belgian Shepherd
or Groenendael is the most popular. It is an obedient and
smart dog that is serious, protective, territorial and
watchful. This dog should be well socialized from a very
early age to avoid sensitivity and shyness.

The Belgian Shepherd needs a master that has a natural
authority about them that is consistent and firm but not
harsh. Consistent rules need to be laid down and followed
without exception. If you are an inexperienced owner or meek
you shouldn't pick this dog breed as your pet.

This breed has strong protective instincts. If you are a
breeder of this dog then you should start socialization with
people, children, other dogs and small animals from birth.
These dogs make excellent competition obedience dogs or
working dogs. Often they are employed as guard dogs or
police dogs.

Belgian Sheepdogs are also very good with children if
they are socialized with them from an early age. They make
excellent companions to those owners who have an air of
command about them and natural leadership capabilities. This
dog doesn't do well locked up in a kennel or yard, they want
to be at their master's side at all times.

If you can give this dog plenty of time, attention,
companionship and training then this may be the dog for you.
They are alert, loyal and watchful and need plenty of mental
and physical exercises. If this dog is left to its own
devices it will find a way to entertain itself more often
than not at the absent owners expense.

This dog needs a job to do and does best in the job that it
was bred to do, that of herding. Be sure to watch this dog
when introducing small pets that are not canines. And they
can try to be dominating to other dogs if the behavior isn't

Belgian Shepherds, like other shepherd breeds, can a problem
with herding people and nipping at heels. This behavior
should be discouraged when it comes to people and other
smaller pets, of course. Because these dogs have such an
elegant look to them they are often picked up by first time
owners with no experience in dog ownership. The owner and
the dog both lose out because of this.

Before you take any dog home you should thoroughly research
the breed and make sure that it fits with your lifestyle and
habits. Otherwise you will just end up taking the dog to a
shelter or selling it when it gets out of your control.

These Belgian Sheepdog Calendars will make your day
with their wonderful pictures of this great breed of dog.
You will be entertained and blessed every day as
these photographs hang proudly on your wall or
sit on your desk top.

These Bold and Colorful Belgian Sheepdog Calendars
make Great Gift Ideas for that someone special in your
life or get a couple for yourself simply because they
will heighten the good times in your life and make
you feel better.

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