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The Bloodhound is a massive, powerful dog with loose,
wrinkled skin, a long muzzle and drooping ears. The hanging
skin and jowls give this dog a dignified, mournful
expression. The dog has a pendulous dewlap and a muscular

The Bloodhound's back is very strong for the size of the dog
and its powerful shoulders give the dog the ability to work
for long hours without a break. The dog has straight,
muscular forelegs. The tail is elegantly curved above the
top line of the back.

The skull is prominent and very high. The eyes are set deep
into the sockets. The lower lids fall away from the eyes to
reveal the inner surface. The dog has a black nose at the
end of its long muzzle and sits on the tip.

The folds of skin are believed to help to hold scent
particles near the nose. The dog has a hard, short coat of
hair that covers its entire body. The hair on the skull and
ears is softer. The coat comes in colors of black and tan,
liver and tan and red and tawny. It is relatively easy to
care for and groom this dog. A hound's glove is typically
used to brush the coat.

The Bloodhound is a mild-mannered, kind, loving, noble,
patient soul. They are wonderful with children, having an
excellent patience and affection for them. They are also
good natured companions.

This dog breed loves any attention shown to it. You don't
have to watch your Bloodhound when children are playing with
the dog but to be fair to the dog you should curb your
children from the ear and tail pulling and clambering which
the dog will take without complaint.

This dog may laze about the house looking like nothing more
than an overgrown rug, but when outdoors they transform into
young, energetic, boisterous dogs. They have a tendency to
become independent and determined and need firm, gentle
training to keep them under control. They do not respond
well to threatening or abuse and will become willful when
treated improperly.

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