Calendars featuring Handsome Blue Heeler Doggies

The Blue Heeler is an Australian Cattle dog that is a very
agile, compact, powerful, well muscled working dog. Its body
is a bit longer than it is tall, and it has a slightly
curled tail that reaches to the hock. The front legs are
parallel and straight.

Blue Heelers have a slightly round, broad head and
moderately pointed, widely set ears. Their eyes are dark
brown and oval in shape. The teeth should come together in a
scissors bite.

They have a short, dense, weather-resistant double coat. The
Blue Heeler is "blue" in color and can have tan markings on
the head with tan points. Black markings are an undesirable
trait for Blue Heeler show dogs.

The Blue Heeler is a working herding dog breed and isn't
suited to life in an apartment or to being left alone in a
backyard. These dogs are hyperactive with loads of energy,
and are usually stubborn. They are very intelligent but also
very independent, so training them is difficult if you don't
approach the matter correctly.

These dogs will always want to be by your side and part of
the action. They are best suited for the job they are bred
for, which is as a herder on a farm. They make great guard
dogs and are very alert, brave, loyal, protective
trustworthy dogs.

This dog will only respond well to an owner that is a
consistent leader, A true alpha to the dog so the dog is
secure in its place, knows the rules and will not cross
them. Training and socializing of this dog should be
undertaken at as early an age as possible.

If not working on a farm, this dog will need a long daily
walk and a lot of exercise. These dogs do great with agility
trials and they enjoy the mental and physical challenges
that the trials represent. They thrive in any sport that
requires high energy and intelligence.

This dog breed is definitely for an experienced dog owner
who isn't inconsistent or meek. They need to be led and
thoroughly trained. Regular exercise is also very important
for this breed in order for them to be happy and balanced.

Blue Heelers Calendars
that you will find to be very Entertaining and Pleasurable to have around.

Help celebrate this Majestic dog with these wonderful
pictures of the Blue Heeler shown in a variety of working
poses along with some pictures of the Blue Heeler in
various activities.

These Blue Heeler calendars have real class and style.
An excellent choice to make anyone's day go better.

Blue Heeler Calendars

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