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The Chesapeake Bay Retriever Breed

The male Chesapeake Bay Retriever is twenty-three to twenty-
six inches (fifty-nine to sixty-six centimeters) in height
and weighs between sixty-five and eighty pounds (twenty-nine
and a half to thirty-six kilograms). Females are twenty-one
to twenty-four inches (fifty-three to sixty-one centimeters)
in height and weigh between fifty-five and seventy pounds
(twenty-five to thirty-two kilograms). These measurements
are based on healthy average measurements for this breed.

They live ten to twelve years. The Chesapeake is a healthy
breed that may occasionally be prone to some eye problems
and hip dysplasia. Other than that they have incredible
endurance and are a hardy breed.

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are intelligent, working dogs, so
this is a breed that can become a problem if the dog is
mismanaged. These dogs need firm, consistent, constant,
natural authority from their masters. They need to be well
socialized and trained from puppy hood. They can get along
fine with cats that are already a part of your household but
may chase other cats they are not familiar with.

Without a strong leader this dog can become aggressive,
combative with other dogs, reserved with strangers,
territorial and willful. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are slow
to mature; it takes two to three years to outgrow the puppy

These dogs are not apartment dwellers. They do best in a
home with an average sized yard. They are inactive indoors
and like to sleep outdoors. The do okay in hot climates
provided they have enough water, but prefer cool climates.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever needs vigorous activity and
swimming if possible. If they do not get enough physical and
mental stimulation they can get bored and have a lot of
stored energy that may make them behave badly. They need a
long daily walk and be made to heel. When paired with the
right owner these dogs make wonderful companions.

The Chesapeake's coat is short-haired, harsh and dense.
Despite this the dog is easy to groom. Brush the coat with a
firm bristle brush to remove dead hairs and skin. In order
to prevent occasional odor, bathe when necessary. Baths
shouldn't be given unless needed as these dogs have oil in
their hair that protects them from climatic extremes and can
be stripped when bathed. This breed is an average shedder.

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