Beefhide Dog Bones that your dog will Love to chew on

Why should you buy your Dog Real Beef hide Bones?

Chewing and gnawing are a strong instinct in dogs, as
anyone who has ever raised a puppy knows all too well.
Chewing is important for wild canines because as
hunters, they need to get the most nutrition possible
from their prey, so chewing the hide and bones gives
them entertainment and at the same time breaks down the
tougher parts to release important nutrients.

Chewing on bones and hide also removes tartar and keeps
the teeth healthier, so prolonging the dog's life. Wild
dogs chew real rawhide all the time.

Our domesticated dogs still have most of the same
instincts as their wild ancestors, and for them chewing
is at the same time exercise, pastime, dental care and
tranquilizer (stress relief).

If you don't provide your dog with appropriate toys
that are attractive for chewing, it will choose its own
chew toys, and most likely they will be inappropriate.
Knowing the importance of chewing and gnawing, we don't
want to train our dogs not to chew, but we do want to
encourage them to chew on the proper and healthy

Of course, pet shops and supplies are full of chew toys
for dogs. You can buy artificial and natural chew toys
in sizes to fit every breed of dog. For some reason,
however, many dog chew toys look just like the shoes,
toys and household items that you don't want your dog
to chew. They are not good choices for your dogs.

Real bones from your kitchen are not usually a good
choice either, since they have usually been cooked and
so are prone to splinter into dangerous pieces that can
cause intestinal damage.

An excellent choice for a dog chew toy is a real beef
hide bone. They provide a natural, tasty flavor and
added protein to your dog's diet. Real beef hide bones
are digestible and will provide most dogs with hours of
enjoyment. They will keep its teeth and gums healthier
and may keep your dog from chewing and swallowing
something that will harm it, and save your shoes,
socks, towels etc. from damage.

Make sure that the real beef hide bones you buy for
your dog have been processed properly and are from a
responsible manufacturer. Buy bones that are too large
to fit completely into your dog's mouth. Also, watch
your dog to make sure it doesn't swallow large pieces
of hide that might swell in its stomach and cause
digestive upset. Keep more than one bone so that when
one becomes soggy you can change it out for a fresh
bone. Keep the soft one and it will dry out and be
ready to be chewed again later.

Experts recommend that you keep about four beef hide
bones on hand and offer the dog one when it seems
interested in chewing an inappropriate object. Keep its
other toys to a minimum so it isn't confused as to what
is yours and what is its own until it is trained as to
what to chew and what to leave alone. Chew training may
take some time and effort, but this training will
improve the lives of both you and your dog.

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