Soft & Cozy Dog Blankets will keep your
precious dog warm & comfortable.

Dog Blankets

For those of you that have a dog that has very little
hair or if you live in colder climates you may need to
get your dog a dog blanket. Dogs like to cuddle, and
not just any old blanket will do for your special
friend. For those who want a good blanket that your dog
can use when you are out as well as at night, there are
specialty dog blankets that are designed with your dog
in mind.

Bear in mind that a dog will toss, tooth, and scratch
any blanket your give it. They enjoy playing and
rubbing against anything that is soft, and some dogs
will even play "peek a boo" or "keep away" with their
blankets. If you just give your dog a cheap blanket, it
can rapidly disintegrate into ripped shreds, depending
upon how playful your pooch is.

Most dog blankets are big enough to cover the dog and
are made from a thick soft material that doesn't easily
tear. They use fabrics like corduroy, polar fleece,
faux suede and Sherpa fleece. All of these fabrics are
thick and are designed to be tough.

Dog blankets come in multiple sizes. These blankets can
be used to cover your dog when it is sleeping, protect
your couch or seats from dog fur in your home or car,
and some are used as portable dog beds. All of these
blankets are washable so when it needs a washing you
can easily clean it in a washer and dryer.

These blankets also work well as blinds if your dog is
panicky and needs to have a hood over its face or crate
for a little while until it calm down. Some dogs panic
if you have to take them to the veterinarian, or if
they become over stimulated from new surroundings. The
dog blanket with their own scent that they associate
with comfort and home can do wonders for calming your
dog down.

You can find these blankets at our online supplier
JB Pet below. They vary in price from twenty dollars to over
one hundred dollars depending upon the quality you want
to buy. Remember that sometimes the more you pay the
longer the blanket will stand up to your dog's

Some of the more famous dog blankets are the Good Dog
Blankets, The Rocky Mountain Blanket and the Corduroy
Blanket. All of these companies make good dog blankets
even though they are on the expensive side. Keep in
mind though that you want something that is going to
last and is thick so it will withstand your dog's
playing. Sometimes it's better to shell out a little
more money for something that will last a long time
than to pay every year because something you thought
was good enough really wasn't. Especially since your
dog will probably grow very attached to its blanket and
will not be happy when you need to replace it.

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These cozy dog blankets also make Great gifts for
dog and puppy lovers or for your own dog who will
Love you for your Thoughtfulness.

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