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Top 5 Books for Dog Owners

The Internet is a great source of information but it is not
always available at our fingertips. Sometimes it is helpful
to have a hard bound reference at hand. The books below will
teach you all sorts of great things about your dog, from
training, to tips, to what certain behavior means, to how to
understand your dog's natural instincts.

Book 1) "The Art of Raising a Puppy" by the Monks of New

"The Art of Raising a Puppy" is a very comprehensive guide
to puppyhood, and has become a popular standard for dog
owners. The Monks of New Skete who wrote this book have been breeding and training at their monastery in New York for
over 20 years. Their training style focuses on a bond
between animal and human in which you learn to understand
your dog's instincts, behaviors and needs and teach it in
ways that match those instincts and needs. If you have an
older dog they also have several other books…any book in
this series is great for a dog owner.

Book 2) "How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond" by Cesar Millan

Pretty much every dog lover in the USA has at one point or
another watched the television show "Dog Whisperer." Cesar
Milan, the host of the show, never disappoints with the way
he can take nearly any dog with any behavior problem and
turn it around in a matter of a few sessions. Although most
of us don't have the skills ingrained to match Cesar's
accomplishments, we do have the ability to learn through his
series of dog books. This guide covers everything from
housebreaking to vaccinations. This book is a "must have"
for your bookshelf.

Book 3) "101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage,
Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog" by Kyra Sundance

This is the bible of dog trick training. If you want to
teach your dog to do tricks, this book has everything you
need. Not only does it offer 101 different tricks to teach
your dog, it also has full color photos and step by step
instructions for each one. The minute you get this book you
can start training your dog to do new tricks. You will find
tricks for common dog sports, dog dancing and even dog
therapy. This is a great way to give your dog "work" to do,
which helps a dog be more balanced and happy.

Book 4) "Don't Shoot the Dog!: The New Art of Teaching and
Training" by Karen Pryor

Don't let the title throw you, even though it has a funny
title this is a very serious dog training book. Karen Pryor
is a groundbreaking behavioral scientist who is all about
the focus of positive reinforcement. This book includes the
principals of clicker training, 8 methods to ending
undesirable habits and the 10 laws of shaping behavior. The
cool thing about this book is that many of the methods you
learn are not only great for your dogs but they are lessons
you can apply in other areas of life such as your kids and
maybe even your spouse.

Book 5) "How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days" by Shirlee

Every dog owner knows that if you can have your dog
completely housebroken in a week life is good! This book
gives you the tools to do just that. Unlike most of the
books on our list this one is only good for one thing: house
training. We know this is one of the most important steps to
puppy training though, so its having its own book is
appropriate. This book gives you simple secrets of
housetraining, schedules, clues to identify behaviors
associated with house training and more. With the
information in this book and a little dedication you will
have your dog housebroken in no time.

Anyone of these five books is a great addition to the
bookshelf of a dog owner. So take a look, learn something
new about your pet and see how you can make your lives
together even better.

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