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Selecting the Best Ceramic Dog Bowls

How to choose the best ceramic dog bowls - does this
seem like an unnecessary thing to think much about? Not
so. Using the wrong type of dog bowl could lead to
wasted food, eating problems for your dog, chewed
bowls, digestive upsets, bacterial infections, and even
allergies to the material the bowl is made from
(especially if the bowl is plastic).

Ceramic dog bowls are probably the best choice, in our
opinion. Plastic bowls are often flimsy and easy to
overturn, chewable, and possibly allergenic. Stainless
steel is durable and dishwasher safe, but unattractive.
But a good quality ceramic bowl with no chips or
scratches to harbor bacteria will be easy to clean and
heavy enough to not be easily overturned. And ceramic
dog bowls come in a plethora of sizes, colors,
patterns, and custom decorations.

You might buy a bowl for your pet with a picture of its
breed or even of your dog itself, or with its name or
some funny saying painted on the bowl. You might match
your ceramic dog bowls with your room decor or even
your own dinnerware, or perhaps buy handmade and hand-
painted ceramic bowls custom designed for you and your

You can choose from ceramic dog bowls that are made to
look like old fashioned ice cream dishes, bowls with
images such as fire hydrants, Nascar emblems, football
teams, amusement park rides, sunglasses, dog bones,
studded collars, hearts, martini glasses, Margarita
glasses, Frisbees, automobile tires, avant garde art
work, ramekins, paw prints, crowns, flowers, antique
art dishes, and even toilets.

There are also bowls designed to help with various
problems, such as the partitioned DogPause bowl that
forces the dog to eat more slowly, or bowls designed
with heavily weighted bottoms to stop the bowl from
sliding across the floor as the dog eats.

An excellent feeding bowl idea, especially for older
dogs, large dogs or dogs with long ears that tend to
get into their food are the custom made ceramic dog
bowls that are created with a high foot so that the
food is well above floor level and the dog can eat
without having to stoop over and put its face into the

Ceramic dog bowls are fairly low in cost, you have
plentiful choices in size and style, and they are easy
to clean. One or more of the many ceramic bowls
available online or at your local pet shop should do
the job well for you and your dog.

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