Attractive but Strong Dog Collars

All about Dog Collars

Dog collars are designed to restrain your dog, identify
your dog to others, as a fashion statement, or to help
the dog learn when you train it. Common dog collars are
made from a single piece of material that goes around
the dog's neck and fastens with a buckle or an easy-off
clip. Tags are commonly clipped to your dogs collar
with the contact information for the owner and any
medical needs the dog might have.

You can use the collar to control your dog manually by
slipping your hand under the collar and holding it to
restrain your dog. A dog lead or leash is often attached to the
collar for walking your dog. Collars are used to teach
and direct dogs as well.

Here is a list of collars types for dogs:

- Basic collars
- Training collars
- Flat collars
- Slip collars
- Prong collar
- Martingale collar
- Head halters
- Shock collars
- Wolf collars
- JASA Force Collar

The Basic Collars

Flat Collar

The basic collar can be made from nylon, leather, or
other material. This type of collar is sometimes
referred to as a flat collar because they lie flat to
the neck. Most basic dog collars have traditional
buckles or plastic clips to connect the material
together around the dog's neck. A D-ring or round ring
is often sewn in to the collar and used to attach
identification and/or a leash for walking.

Flea Collar

The flea collar is a collar that is saturated with
chemicals that will repel fleas from the dog. They are
usually worn in conjunction with a basic collar, as
they cannot hold a tag or leash.

Elizabethan Collar

Elizabethan collars are used for medical purposes to
prevent a dog from scratching or licking areas that
have an infection or wound. They are usually attached
to the basic collar and spread out in a cone.

Breakaway Collar

Breakaway collars look like buckle collars but when
excessive force is applied to the collar it will break.
These are very useful on hunting dogs or other dogs
that are allowed to run free. If the dog ever gets hung
up on something the breakaway collar can prevent the
dog from choking to death.

Stud Collars

Stud Collars are usually made of leather and are fitted
with one or more rows of metal points or studs. Stud
Collars were used traditionally to prevent other dogs
from being able to bite the dog's neck. But nowadays it
is more of a fashion statement than anything else.

Keep your dog from breaking away with
these strong, yet attractive dog collars

We have many, many styles and colors of
dog collars & leads available.

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