Strong Dog Combs that are made to Last a Long Time

Now you can keep your dog's hair looking great
with these made to last Dog Combs that are perfect for
keeping unwanted hair out and for that sleek looking coat.

There are many sizes and grades of dog combs,
many handle styles and even dog combs
designed for matted hair and removing undercoat.
See our information about dog combs below on this page.

We carry a vast selection of dog combs for all uses,
along with an entire catalog of dog grooming supplies.


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Dog Combs

There are multiple different kinds of combs that are
used to groom dogs. Some combs are specialized for
specific health issues in dogs, such as fleas or
eczema. Other combs are for specific grooming needs.
The combs come in all shapes and sizes and some even
are made for the comfort of the groomer.

Flea Comb

The standard flea comb is used to deflea your dog.
These make it much easier to isolate and contain fleas
while you are trying to rid your dog of them.

Trimming Comb

The trimming comb is dangerous and should not be left
out for small children or animals to touch. These combs
are usually metal and have a razor set into the tines
at the back so while you are combing your dog the fur
is cut. These are also used to cut through mats.

Shedding Combs

Shedding combs are specifically used to remove as much
loose hair from your pooch as possible. They are
gently, safe and effective. They will leave your dog's
coat smooth and shiny and reduce the shedding that is
done on a regular basis if you have a dog breed that
sheds a lot.

Coarse Toothed Combs

The coarse toothed combs are used on dogs that have a
rough coat that is tough coat to comb through. They
will stand up to the job of combing through your dog's
hair when other combs tines may break or bend.

Fine Toothed Combs

The fine toothed combs are made for dogs that have fine
hair coats that don't require a lot of persuasion to
pull a comb through. Some dogs have coats that are fine
and need to be combed through often to separate the
strands to avoid mats.

Grooming Combs

Grooming combs are made in all shapes and sizes. They
are used to get through the undercoat and overcoat and
do it effectively with little fuss. They are usually
used in conjunction with razors and scissors by
professional groomers.

Detangling Combs

Detangling combs are strong, with tines that do not
bend. They are made to go through tangles with as
little pain to the dog as possible. Some dogs have
coats that mat easily and need to be combed often to
prevent this from happening.

Undercoat Combs

Undercoat combs are made to comb through the dog's
undercoat and remove loose hair before it can mat. Some
dogs have an overcoat that is thicker and coarser and
an undercoat that is fine and easily mats. It is very
important that the undercoat is combed out on a regular
schedule to avoid tangles and mats that are painful to
the dog.

Most dogs benefit from a daily comb out of their coat.
Combing moves natural oils from the skin all along the
hair shaft, coating it so that the hair doesn't break
or become brittle. Even dogs with short hair benefit
from daily combs of their fur. It leaves the coat
shiny, clean and free of pests. There is also a bonding
element that brings the dog and the human owner closer
together during grooming time.

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