Strong Dog Crates for the Safety of your Precious Dog

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Why Use a Dog Crate?

It is important that you start using a dog crate as
soon as possible. This way your puppy will consider the
dog crate as a safe place. Set the dog crate up where
there is a lot of activity and people. Dogs are pack
animals and they like to be around their "pack",
meaning you and your family.

Some people decide to put the crate behind a piece of
furniture. That's alright so long as there is somewhat
of a view from behind the chair. You can make this a
real "den" for the puppy by putting an old towel or
throw in to line the bottom of the crate. You should
also sacrifice an old towel or throw on top of the
crate to screen off the sides and back. Put some treats
and toys in the crate for your puppy to play with so
that it will associate the crate with a good place.

If you want to potty train your puppy in the crate then
just line the bottom with newspaper or some kind of
paper. Then you can put its food and water in the crate
as well. Take care to clean the crate often so that you
puppy doesn't begin to sleep in its own waste. You can
put a folded up towel in the corner of the crate for
your puppy to sleep on. Be sure that it is old so that
you can throw it away if needed.

While your puppy is going through the chewing stage it
isn't a good idea to put a cushion in the crate because
your dog will chew it up and possibly swallow the
cushion filling. Later on when your dog is past the
chew stage you can line the bottom of the crate with an
old cushion to make it more comfortable.

The goal is to get your dog to associate the crate as
its den so that you dog will like to go and sleep in it
when it is tired. If your puppy flops down asleep
somewhere else you can gently pick it up and put it in
the crate and eventually your puppy will begin to
associate the crate as the place to sleep and will seek
it out whenever it is tired.

Confining the puppy in the crate several times a day
for short periods is a good idea. That way it gets used
to being confined and when you are too busy to watch
it, it keeps it out of trouble. Puppies will chew on
things while they are teething, and those things are
usually just what you don't want them to chew on, like
the leg of your coffee table or the edge or your sofa.

Puppies may even chew on electrical cords that go to
your various appliances and that can mean a bad burn or
even a painful death by electrocution. They will also
go the bathroom wherever they choose if they are not
confined to an area that has paper or chucks for them
to go on. If your puppy isn't toilet trained, confine
it to its crate when you aren't going to be watching
it. Prevention is the best cure for bad house habits in a dog.

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