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These Strong and Attractive Dog Exercise Pens
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Dog Exercise Pens

When you find that your dog has high energy and needs a
place to get rid of some of that extra energy
throughout the day, and beyond the daily walk, then a
dog exercise pen may be an alternative for you. Some
people don't have enough time to walk their dog more
than once or twice a day and need an alternative for
the dog to get more exercise. And not every dog owner
has a fenced backyard for their dog to run around in.

An exercise pen is designed to give your dog some space
to get some exercise, play and go to the bathroom if
needed. It will also confine your dog so that it will
not roam where it shouldn't, like into the street or
another neighbor's backyard. Exercise pens are portable
and you can move them from one spot to another in your
yard so it makes cleaning up easy and protects your
lawn from excessive wear and tear.

There are a couple of ways that you can acquire a dog
exercise pen. One way is to build one yourself. If you
choose to build your own pen, you want to be sure that
you use the right materials and that you build one big
enough for your dog to get the exercise it needs. The
minimum size of the pen should be based on the size of
your dog. You will also have to take into consideration
the jumping ability of your dog if you don't intend to
put a roof on the exercise pen.

You will need a good sturdy roll of fencing. Some dogs
can chew right through stock fencing or large holed
chain link, or climb right over it, so you may need to
use something a bit sturdier. Get a good gauge chain
link fence with the smallest holes possible. You also
don't want children to be able to stick their hands
through the holes in the fence.

If you have a small dog you don't usually have to buy a
very tall fence. Again this is based on the dog's
ability to jump, so if you have a little dog that can
clear three feet then you want to choose at least a
four foot tall fence. Be sure to shop around and
compare prices, there are a lot of different kinds of
fencing available.

You will also need fence posts to secure the fence and
possibly to reinforce the bottom edge of the fence with
steel posts as some dogs will dig under a fence quite
quickly if left alone for a short while. These are
often called rails and terminal posts.

You will also need a gate and these can be found at
your local home or hardware supply with the fencing
supplies. One of the benefits to building your own is
that you can make it match your yard and surrounding
buildings and you can make it any size you want.

If you are renting be sure to ask your landlord if it
is okay to put an exercise pen in your backyard and
remember that an exercise pen isn't a permanent
residence for your dog, it is just for your dog to get
some extra exercise. It is cruel to leave your dog in a
pen away from its family all day long and day after

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