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Using Indoor Gates for Dog Training

Keeping your puppy or dog where you want it can help deal
with a lot of problems that might arise around the house
with your favorite canine. Indoor gates or baby gates allow
you an easy way to set up a small area to contain your dog.

Many people use crates for their dog's indoor refuge, but of
course you don't want to make your canine friend stay in its
crate all day. And yet, if your dog is a puppy you'll need
to confine it for housebreaking training and to keep it
safe, and even for an adult dog there still may be areas of
your home that you'd like to keep off limits. Indoor gates
may be the answer.

Gates are a great tool for many types of training including
housebreaking. If you are housetraining it is a good idea to
confine the dog to a small area, and to cover the ground
inside the contained area with newspaper. It is also a good
idea to create this area in a place with tile or wood floors
and not carpet.

Gates are also helpful if you have a dog that hasn't yet
learned not to charge the door every time it opens. This can
also be a safety issue for dogs in urban areas where the
street is close to the door. So using indoor gates is one
way that you can insure your dog's safety and you can still
get in and out the door when you need to.

Most indoor gates are lightweight and portable so you can
move them from place to place depending on where you need
them at the time. Some people use them just as a temporary
way to restrain dogs in a small area. Other dog owners keep
them up year round and it provides a quiet place the dog can
be sent to when there are guests or when the dog is not
being given free roam of the house for any other reason.

Your dog's understanding of boundaries and barriers is an
important part of good doggie behavior. Indoor gates are one
easy way you can reinforce these important lessons with your

Indoor gates are available in a wide range of finishes
including metal, wood and plastic. Most are expandable and
will expand out to fit the door size. You can also find them
in varying heights and sizes. The area you want to cordon
off and your breed and age of dog will determine which gate
will work best for you.

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