High Quality & Strong Dog Grooming Shears

Faced with a big job of cutting your dog's hair
and you need some help?
Now You can Cut & Trim your dog's hair fast using
our Made to Last Dog Grooming Shears.

Good grooming shears are a necessity for accurate grooming.
Choose which dog grooming shear suits your needs and
for the amount of use they will get.

We have many selections of
dog grooming shears, clippers & trimmers
plus more grooming supplies available.

Dog Grooming Shears

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How to buy the Best Dog Shears

Many breeds of dogs need regular grooming to look and
feel their best, especially if their hair tends to mat
and knot. If a dog is obese or has a coat that is black
in color it will be more likely to get overheated in
the hot summertime, so shearing, or giving a "summer
cut" may be important to keep it healthy as well as

If you'd like to trim your dog's hair yourself, one or
more good dog shearers are essential. A good dog
shearer, especially an electric shearer (also called
clippers), can save both you and your dog pain and
suffering by speeding the grooming process and by not
pulling the hair as it is cut.

In fact, depending on your dog's breed, you will
probably need an assortment of quality shears to
properly groom your dog regularly. Dog grooming shears
come in straight and curved models, styles for thinning
the hair, and in lengths from four and one half inches
to nine inches or more.

Which type you will need will depend on your choice of
grooming methods and coat styles. Electric shears are
more often used to cut large areas to a specific length
and the more careful and detailed work around the face
and paws is usually done with manual shears.

If you have no idea what you need to groom your dog,
try searching online for things like "how to groom a
(your dog's breed here)" or join a few forums for
aficionados of your dog's breed and then ask for advice
from the other members.

You might even find a video somewhere like
so that you can watch a professional groomer go through
the process. You can also watch to see what shears and
other tools the professional uses. If you have been
taking your dog to a groomer and you are lucky you
might get your groomer to give you advice and a

Whichever shears you buy, be sure to look for good
quality and keep them clean and well sharpened and
oiled for the best results and so that they will last a
long time.

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