Secure your Dog with
these strong, yet attractive Dog Harnesses

Dog Harnesses

A dog harness fits around the dog's neck and
trunk, with straps that fasten together under the dog's
belly. The leash attaches to a ring on the top of the
harness just behind the dog's shoulders. This way any
pressure from the dog itself pulling on the leash, or
your pulling the dog back, is applied to the dog's body
rather than its neck.

Does your dog walk you rather than you walking it,
and pulls you down the street? Does it pull on the dog lead
and then cough from the pressure of its collar? Or is
your dog small and fragile and you worry about injuring
it when you pull on the leash in training?

The best solution for all of those problems is a
Safe dog harness.

If you are training a dog of the giant breeds, a
protection dog or a police dog you should buy a harness
with built-in chest padding to avoid injury to the dog
if it is pulling hard.

Some dog harnesses designed for obedience training strong
or aggressive dogs have padding at all pressure points
and are designed so that if the dog pulls hard on the
leash, the harness pulls up its front legs gently to
put the dog's weight on its hind legs and stop the
pulling. These harnesses are designed to teach a dog
not to pull, so if you want your dog to pull, best not
purchase this kind.

There are also many types of specialty dog harnesses,
such as the hands-free harness and leash for joggers
and runners, support harnesses with handles for
assistance dogs and seeing eye dogs, pulling harnesses
for dogs that work at hauling a sled or a cart,
Skijoring harnesses for pulling a person on skis, and
of course the dog sled harnesses that fasten many dogs
together to pull a sled and rider.

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