Tasty Dog Liver Treats: Great for Training!

Liver Treats for Dogs

Everyone knows that dogs love meat, and liver is no
exception to that, nearly all dogs love the smell and taste
of liver. Many people either buy or make liver treat for
their dogs. Liver is not only healthy for your dog but it is
one of the foods he loves, so that makes liver great for
training purposes as well.

Liver is a nutrient-rich organ meat. It provides your dog
with protein, fat and vitamin A. Liver is also a great
source of essential minerals, including iron, copper,
niacin, phosphorus and zinc. In addition it provides vitamin
B and omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

Use liver as a treat or training tool and not as everyday
food. Although liver treats have high nutritional values,
like any individual foods you give to your dog it should be
given in moderation; dogs that eat too much liver can be
prone to Hypervitaminosis A, which is basically an overdose
of vitamin A. For best results you should limit liver treats
for your dog to once or twice a week or to very small daily
amounts. Organ meats should never exceed 5-10% of your dog's overall diet.

Liver treats are an easy way to give your dog liver and can
be purchased or made at home. If you choose to buy liver
treats there are probably several different kinds available
at your local pet store and you can also find many different
varieties online. If you are feeling a little adventurous
and have some time you can also make your dog's liver treats
and save money.

If you choose to make the treats yourself, the process is to
begin by boiling fresh liver. Cook the liver fully, until it
is no longer pink, then remove the liver from the water and
pat dry with paper towels. Place the liver on a cookie sheet
and cook in the over at 200 degrees for about 20 minutes.
Once cooled cut the liver into bite size pieces and you have
liver treats. As with any fresh meat products, keep
refrigerated and don't feed it to your dog after it has been
in the refrigerator for more than four or five days.

However you decide to get liver treats, in moderation they
are great healthy addition to your dog's diet. They are also
extremely great treat for training. So give it a try, pick
up or make some liver treats today for your favorite pooch
and watch how he falls in love with you all over again.

Looking for a scrumptious treat for your dog
that he is sure to enjoy the taste of? And, a treat
that is good for him?

Liver Treats that your dog will Love to chew on

These natural dog liver treats
are excellent for stocking stuffers!
Or, to give out to the pets at parties or
for your friends pets when you go visiting.

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