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Dog Muzzles

A dog muzzle is a device that is used to prevent your
dog from opening its mouth and biting. Dog muzzles are
used for multiple reasons. These could be restraining
aggressive dogs, training with other strange dogs, or
to prevent excessive barking. When used in the correct
way a dog muzzle is a tool that is very useful and can
help to teach your dog correct social behavior.

Many dog supply or pet stores have a selection of dog
muzzles on sale along with other training tools. A dog
trainer or veterinarian can teach you to use a muzzle
correctly so that you don't accidentally injure your dog.

There are many styles and colors to choose from if your
dog needs a muzzle for some occasions. Muzzle materials
range from nylon that slips around the dog's nose to
basket wire muzzles that strap onto the dog's head and
completely enclose the dog's muzzle. They are usually
padded for comfort and many are designed so that the
dog can eat or drink while wearing the muzzle. A muzzle
should never restrict the dog's breathing.

There are many reasons why a person would use a muzzle
on a dog. Dogs when stressed, injured or nervous can
bite, and the muzzle prevents bad behavior. If you must
take your dog into crowded places and it is and is
known to bark or threaten to bite strangers or other
animals, a muzzle is a good idea. A dog that has been
proven to be aggressive may be required by law to wear
a muzzle when taken outside the owner's home.

Muzzles can be useful when you are taking your dog to
the veterinarian, visiting a new place or introducing
it to a new social situation where your dog will be
around new people or dogs. Muzzles stop dogs from
barking and even excessive licking to injured sites
that need to stay dry. If you and your dog must walk in
an urban setting and the dog is not well trained you
may want to use a muzzle to prevent the dog from eating
food off the ground.

You must fit a muzzle to your dog in order for the
muzzle to work correctly. You want the muzzle to fit to
your dog snuggly and securely, restrain your dog's
mouth without obstructing its nose or preventing it
from being able to breathe freely. Muzzles often come
with measurement guides.

If the dog has serious behavior or aggression problems
then you want the veterinarian or a professional dog
trainer to help you with the muzzle in order to avoid
getting injured or stressing out the dog.

A muzzle is an item to keep in your car in case you
come across a stray or injured dog that you have to
help. Some welfare workers that deal with animals keep
collars, leashes, muzzles, small cages, food and water
in their cars in case they ever encounter an animal
that they have to transport to a safe place.

Stray dogs can be dangerous and unpredictable so
keeping a muzzle on hand can help prevent injuries to
you and other people. If you want to keep a "stray kit"
in your car, keeping a muzzle in it is a good idea.
Make sure that it is very adjustable as far as size

Keep your dog from barking and aggression

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