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How to Choose Dog Nail Clippers

Your dog's nails should just touch the ground when it walks,
if not then perhaps it's time you invested in a good pair
of dog nail clippers and took a few minutes to clip their nails.

If its nails are getting caught in the carpet or elsewhere,
if you can see that the dewclaws (the small claws that hang
on the sides of some dog's feet but don't touch the ground
in walking) are beginning to curl around toward the dog's
foot, or if its nails click on the floor when it walks, it
needs its nails trimmed.

If a dog's nails are too long there is a danger of their
catching a nail in something and painfully pulling off the
entire nail. This is especially common with dew claws,
because they are often longer than the other nails since
they don't get wear and tear when the dog walks.

Too long nails also make it hard for the dog to put its full
weight on its feet when it walks, and can result in sore
hips, legs and feet and some people believe that it can even
trigger arthritis. Dew claws can curl around and become
ingrown, which is very painful for the dog and leads to
dangerous infections.

The average house dog's nails will need trimming and/or
filing every three or four weeks. A working dog that wears
the nails off with activity may be able to go a few months
between trimmings. Giving your dog a pedicure isn't as hard
as you may think, but it does require that you have the
proper tools and a bit of knowledge.

As for the tools, the primary thing you will need is a good
dog nail clipper. Don't try to use clippers made for humans,
they will split the nail, sometimes painfully, and your dog
will learn to fear having its nails clipped.

There are several styles of dog nail trimmers or clippers,
with the two most common being "guillotine style" and
"scissors or pliers style."

Guillotine style clippers work by sticking the nail into a
hole to the proper length and then when you squeeze the
handles a blade cuts the nail from above. These cutters are
best for small and medium dogs. Large dog's nails may be too
hard to fit into the hole and to cut with the guillotine

Scissor or pliers style clippers work basically like
scissors or pruning shears. Two notched blades fit around
the nail and squeezing the handles together cuts the nail.
The pliers type work best for large dogs and the scissors
type work for the toy breeds or puppies. There is also a
newer item on the market that basically sands off the nail,
so avoiding both over-clipping and filing the nails.

Whatever style of dog nail clippers you choose, always be
sure that they are the right size for your dog, in good
repair, and are sharp so that the dog is kept comfortable,
your cutting is accurate, and the clippers have a long life.

Finally, before nail trimming you may also want to have
ready a styptic pencil or other coagulant in case a nail is
clipped too short, and emery boards to file and smooth the

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