Dog Natural Bone Treats for Dogs who love to chew.

Natural Dog Bones that your dog will Love to chew on.
Great for those dogs who are sometimes bored or just
wanting something to chew on.

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Healthy, Natural Dog Bones and Treats for Dogs

Treats are an important part of your dog's life. Not only do
they make dogs so happy, (Nearly all dogs are food-
oriented.) but they are also great as training aids and for
rewarding your dog for good behavior.

But, treats for dogs are like cookies are for humans, they
are something you want but they do not necessarily have the
best nutritional value. So it is important to make sure you
are feeding your dog healthy, natural dog bones and treats.

You can find dog treats on your local pet supply aisles or
on the Internet, but you have to keep your eyes out for
certain things. One of those things is the sodium content of
the treats. Always check treat packages for the amount of
sodium they contain. High sodium intake is associated with
heart problems in dogs.

Another issue that you may have heard about was the tragic
death of many dogs and cats a while back, due to toxins in
pet treats and pet foods that were imported from China.
Personally, we always check anything that our dogs may eat
and make sure that it was not manufactured or prepared in
China, just to be safe.

For the most safety, only feed your dog bones and treats
that were prepared (not just distributed) in the United
States, and preferably from a company that is known to make
healthy, natural bones and treats for dogs, rather than one
of the large, mainstream pet suppliers.

You should always get in the habit of checking ingredients
on any kind of food you buy for you dog. If it has things on
the list that you would not normally want your dog to eat,
move on to a healthier choice. You may also consider going
organic with dog treats. Organic treats tend to be made of
higher quality products and are designed with your dog's
health in mind.

If organic treats are outside of your budget, you might
choose to occasionally make homemade treats for your dog. It
is really easy to make dog treats at home. There are many
recipes online to help you get started and the best part is
that everything in them is fresh ingredients from your
kitchen, which makes them a very healthy choice.

As we said before, though, treats should always be fed to
dogs in moderation, because just like with us humans, there
is such a thing as too much of a good thing. So feed in
moderation and choose healthy, natural dog bones and treats.

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