Exercise Pens that will keep any Dog where they belong.

Does your Dog need an Exercise Pen?

Dog Exercise Pens are similar to playpens for babies and
children, they are available in many sized and materials.
But, all simply provide a safe enclosure where a dog or puppy
can get exercise without being able to wander away or get
into trouble.

Most dog exercise pens fold for transporting and are made so
that they can be used indoors or outdoors, so you can easily
keep your puppy nearby and able to socialize with you
whether you are in the living room or on the patio.

Dog exercise pens are available in different heights for
different sizes of dogs, and many are made up of panels that
can be joined together to make the pen larger or smaller as

Some dog pens are made from soft materials on a steel frame
so that they are very light weight and portable, and always
comfortable for your puppy or dog. They have screened sides
so the pup can see out, and pockets for holding toys and
snacks, perfect for taking your pup visiting with you or
along to the park for a picnic. They even come in designer
colors so that you can coordinate them with your home decor
or your favorite color.

Other dog exercise pens are made of strong and chip-
resistant silver, gold or black zinc coated wire. Others are
made from sturdy plastic, which is light and easy to keep
clean. Some have doors, some don't. Most come with stakes to
secure the pen to the ground when it is used outdoors.

If you are breeding your dogs and selling puppies, a nice
choice for an exercise pen is made with wire mesh fitted
onto an attractive hardwood frame that is expandable to
double the size as the litter grows.

You can also purchase tops for your dog exercise pen that
are made from rope netting, wire mesh or sun blocking film.
These help to keep jumping or climbing dogs in, people's
hands out, and your dog cooler if you are outdoors or at a
dog show.

If you use a dog crate, (and we hope you do since crate
training is very important in your dog's education,) some
dog exercise pens are made so that they can be attached to
your dog crate and your dog can exercise or go into its
crate to rest as it chooses.

Keep your dog Safe & Secure with
these strong, yet attractive Dog Pens
that are constructed to last a life time.

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