Get em' while they're Red Hot - Pig Ear Dog Treats!

Pig Ear Dog Treats that your dog will Love to chew on
with a tasty flavor that dogs really enjoy tasting.

We carry various animal parts such as cow hooves,
pig ears and cow ears. A great dog chew treat.

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Nothing is more important to you than your dog's health and
safety, which is why you take the time to find out what he
is eating and how it affects him. A favorite treat of dogs
has also been one filled with some controversy, and that is
pig ear treats for dogs.

The first safety concerns in the dog community came from the
fact that large amount of pig ears have been recalled for
Salmonella in the last few years, but the pig ear treats
that were affected were produced in other countries. US pig
ear treats have been found to be safe from salmonella, so
one of the main safety hazards can be avoided by buying only
American-made pig ear treats.

The other safety issue is pretty much the same for all dog
treats, including pig's ears; that is the danger of chewy
treats becoming a choking hazard to dogs. Any dog bone or
treat can be a choking hazard if it breaks into pieces that
can choke your dog or get lodged inside her. It is very
important to watch your dog with her new treats to see how
she does with them.

Some dogs also have digestion problems with pork products.
Most don't, but if you notice that your dog has an upset
stomach or runny stools after eating pig ears you find a
different kind of chewy treat for him.

You can buy pig ear chews at your local pet supply store or
online. Some people also make them homemade, which
guarantees that you know what goes into them. Pig ears don't
have the best smell in the world however so cooking them
isn't for everyone.

You should check the ingredient list of store-bought pig
ears before choosing a brand. Look for pig ear chews that do
not have added chemicals or potential toxins that may be
dangerous to your dog. Many brands offer pig ears that are
100% natural and those should really be the ones you are
bringing home.

Safely feeding your dog pig ear treats will make for a very
happy canine. These types of treats are extremely flavorful
for dogs and may offer less of a choking hazard for
vulnerable dogs than hard bones since the material gets
softer as it is chewed. As with any treat, just watch your
dog while it enjoys the treats and keep your eyes open for
signs that the dog may be swallowing large pieces of it or
has an adverse reaction to them.

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