Fun to Have Dog Placemats
that will keep dog bowls from sliding

Dog Placemats? A Great Idea!
By: Tippy

We dog lovers are always looking for new ways to show
love to our dogs.  To show our love for our dogs to
the world, one fun and very useful way to show your
love is with dog placemats.

We all know that our perfect pooches can sometimes be a
little messy when they eat, especially if they have
long hair or moustaches. A dog placemat can save your
floor from the doggy drips, mark the dog's feeding area
clearly, and add a charming bit of decoration to your
kitchen, porch, or wherever your dog dines.

There are so many shapes, colors and styles of dog
placemats that you and your dog should have no problem
finding some that meet your taste, match your house,
and please your pup. You can buy dog placemats that
have your dog's name and even its picture on them. Or
choose a placemat with the logo of your favorite sports
team or quotes by your favorite dog professional,
placemats printed with cute images such as paw prints
or diner signs, or dog placemats that say "Fetch" or

Many dog placemats are made of materials that help to
keep the dog's bowls from sliding about as it eats or
drinks from them, reducing frustration and noise as the
dog eats. Some are designed so that they won't move
about even on slippery tile or hardwood floors as well,
making for less clean up. And many are designed to
catch food and water spills and keep them from running
onto your floors.

Some of the materials used to make dog placemats
include cloth, plastic, vinyl, polypropylene, PVC,
indoor/outdoor carpet material, recycled rubber for the
eco-conscious, or even faux and real leather, just to
name a few, and many are impregnated with anti-
microbial protection.

Depending on the materials that they are made from, dog
placemats can be simply thrown into the dishwasher for
thorough cleaning and sanitizing, hosed down, or even
washed in the washing machine.

If you have a friend with a dog, why not make up a
doggy gift pack with matching bowls and placemat, and
add snacks and other dog gifts? Any dog lover would
thank you for such a useful and well-thought-out gift.

We carry different dog placemats for water and food bowls.

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