Crating your Dog in a Plastic Dog Crate

Crating your dog can be key to helping your dog feel secure
as well as a great aid in training such as housebreaking.
Although some people feel that crating a dog is inhumane, a
dog sees the world differently than a human does. A dog sees
his crate as his den, and if it's never used for punishment
you will find your dog really enjoys his plastic dog crate.

A crate can give you peace of mind that your dog is not
getting into something that can hurt her while you are out
of the house. It can also make it easier to travel with your
dog and protect her from excess stress while traveling.

When purchasing a plastic dog crate for travel or for your
dog to stay in while you are away for a number of hours, you
might want to look for a crate that has a wire floor. That
way if your dog has an accident while in the crate it keeps
the dog from getting dirty or having to in it all day.

You should think about how big your dog will be once grown,
not necessarily just how big he is now, so you are sure to
get a crate that will accommodate him for a long time.

Although, dogs can learn to love their crates, you cannot
leave the dog in the crate day and night. Every dog needs
social interaction with humans and to get out and get
exercise often. A dog that is left in a crate all day may
become depressed. So crates are great for the purpose they
were designed for, but make sure your dog gets the exercise
that is so necessary for a dog to keep it healthy and well-

You should place the crate in a quiet corner but in a common
area. Even though your dog will often go into his crate on
his own he still wants to be near the excitement and with
his favorite humans. So place it somewhere where he can get
inside and still feel like he is close to the family.

Never use the plastic dog crate as punishment. The dogs
crate should be her safe haven, not somewhere she gets sent
for punishment. The crate however can be a great place to
let her relax for a bit if she is feeling tired or stressed.

You can pick up a plastic dog crate at any pet supply store
or find them online. Prices vary depending on size,
materials and manufacturers. But be sure to look for a
plastic dog crate that is high quality to ensure your dog's
safety and that it lasts you for years and years.

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