Porkhide Dog Chews at exceptionally reasonable prices.

Looking for a really good dog chew? And one
that will keep him entertained for hours?
Try these Porkhide Dog Chews certain to make him happy.

Porkhide dog chews combine the great taste of porkhide
with the durability of rawhide, making the perfect treat
that dogs love to chew on.

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Learning about Dog Pork Hide Chews

We all know treat times are a dog's favorite part of the
day. And there are so many choices when it comes to treats
for your dog. One of the more common treats you will find on
the pet store aisles or pet product websites is dog pork
hide chews. They are often shaped as bones or tied into ball
or pretzel shapes.

Pork hide chews are great to give your dog something to chew
on for a while. They are long lasting and flavorful and most
dogs really love gnawing them. There have been some reported
problems with dog pork hide chews however. One of the main
issues has been recalls from some manufacturers because of

The good news is that most pork hide chews that are made in
the United States have repeatedly tested clear for
salmonella, so it is a good idea to search out and choose
pork hide chews that were made in the USA for maximum

As with any chewing toy or bone you give your dog, it is
important to watch the dog while it has the chew and to
monitor the chew for any broken pieces. If the rawhide is
starting to break apart you should dispose of the chew right
away to make sure your dog doesn't have a choking or
intestinal blocking emergency.

Dog pork hide chews come in a variety of flavors and sizes,
and you should always pick chew toys that are the right size
for your dog. Never give a dog something he can put in his
mouth and swallow whole.

Although most dogs can digest these chews if they do swallow
parts, for some dogs it is not so easy. Pay attention to
your dog's stools afterwards if it has chewed pork or
rawhide products. If the stools become loose or runny these
types of treats are probably not best for your dog.

Although there may be some health risks involved with dog
pork hide chews watching your dog and applying common sense
can help you to avoid them. As with any treat, if you notice
your dog has issues with breaking off pieces or digestion
problems you should stop feeding the treats immediately.

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