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Solid Gold Dog Biscuits and Bagel Treats

Solid Gold Dog Treats made from some of the
best ingredients will provide your doggie with
a nutritious and healthy dog treat.

The Solid Gold biscuits and treat line give you the
perfect treat to reward your pet. Their biscuits are made
with premium ingredients and their bagels are
human-grade. They pride themselves on the high quality
of their biscuits and treats.

We apologize this item is no longer available,
but you may find other treats you like at our current supplier

Dog Biscuits and Dog Bagels

Sometimes the treats that are sold for dogs may sound more
like a continental breakfast buffet than just dog treats.
Two treats that could fit that bill are dog biscuits and dog
bagels. Each of these types of treats you can buy at the
store or make them yourself at home.

The name dog biscuits can cover a pretty big range of
products, from milk bones to dog cookies. Consequently, the
ingredients and cost of commercial dog biscuits will range
widely. You will need to read ingredient lists carefully and
choose only the dog biscuits that have only healthy
ingredients and that were made in a country that has good
quality control.

Alternatively, baking your own dog biscuits at home is
relatively easy and the Internet offers many recipes to get
you started.

Dog bagels also can be store-bought or you can make them at
home. The same rule applies to purchased dog bagels, make
sure that the manufacturer is trustworthy and the
ingredients are foods that are healthy for dogs.

Making dog bagels at home basically consists of drying out
regular bagels until they have the firmer texture that dog's
will love. You can dry out the bagels in the oven or

In addition to store-bought and homemade goodies there is
also a large market for specialty baked goods for dogs, and
most areas have a local business that specializes in gourmet
dog treats.

Treats can be used in a variety of ways with your dog. You
can use them strictly for rewarding good behavior or for
training your pup or to teach him to do what you need him to
do. Testing a wide range of types of dog treats will make it
so you can find some stuff your dog really likes. Dog
biscuits and treats have come a long way from just milk

If you are interested in trying dog biscuits, dog cookies or
dog bagels check and see if you have a local dog bakery in
town and hit the road with your pet. Heading out together on
these types of activities is a great bonding experience for
you and your dog and will make her very happy.

By the way, the dog bagel should not be confused with the
bagel dog, which is a hot dog wrapped in a bagel. However,
we think that if you get the wrong recipe off the Internet
and make your dog a dog bagel he will still be pretty happy
with you.

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