Automatic Dog Watering Systems
your dog will Love to drink from.

The Dog Self Watering System

The dog watering system is an innovation that not only keeps
your dog's water bowl filled whenever he needs water
but there are also systems today that will recycle and
clean the water so that it is always fresh and clean
when your dog wants a drink.

Dogs have a tendency to slop water around and whatever
is on their face or in their mouths usually ends up in
the water. The dog self-waterer, especially the
filtering kind, keeps the water clean so that you don't
constantly have to dump and refresh the water bowl.

Dogs need water as a constant part of their lives. If
they do not get water when they need it, dehydration
and eventual death is the result. A dog self-waterer
will give your dog water when it needs water even if
you are not there to refresh the bowl for it. There are
even self-waterers that hook directly into your house
water system so that the dog can have water whenever it
wishes, with no work or effort from you whatsoever.

These are called dog watering fountains and are
especially handy if you are away for long periods of
time during the day. There are even pedal push dog
waterers so that the dog can learn to step on the pedal
and get fresh water whenever it chooses. Dogs can learn
simple tricks like this. If a cat can learn to turn on
the water faucet, which has been caught on tape many
times, then a dog can learn to push a pedal and get
water for itself.

A lot of people prefer to have the dog self-watering
fountain because not only does it provide water for
your pet whenever it wants it but it also is more
cleanly than a water bowl that can be tipped over onto
the floor. This type of water fountain mounts directly
into your wall and does not tip or flip at all.

You also might buy a self-waterer that hook directly to
your outdoor spigot so that the dog can go up to it and
get a drink whenever it wishes while it is outdoors.
This type of self-waterer works much like a small
mammal waterer. The dog can drink from the spigot
directly by using tongue action, and once it is done
drinking, the water stops.

This prevents pests from getting in the water. This
type of waterer also stops birds from bathing in your
dog's water dish outside, and of course there is fresh,
clean water all the time for your dog. You won't have
to worry any more about your dog going without water
while you are away.

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