Those Pesky Ear Mites & Good Ear Health

We get a lot of letters asking about their
pet's health. One of the most common questions we get
involves ear mites.

So Tippy and Alfred thought it would be a good
idea give you some really good and simple info on this particular problem.

Hope this helps a lot of our canine and feline friends
out there.

Tippy & Alfred


Those Pesky Ear Mites

It's a problem both cats and dogs experience, and
these are the warning signs:

1. excessive and persistent scratching around the ears;
2. head shaking;
3. restless behavior;
4. the ears are painful to the touch and the pet may cry out in pain;
5. brown material present in the ears;
6. a foul-smelling odor.

The villain is ear mites, tiny parasites that live
on the surface of the skin lining in the ear canal.
They pierce the skin surface to feed, causing
inflammation and discomfort. If left untreated,
bacterial infections and loss of hearing may result.

Puppies and kittens can acquire an ear mite
infection from their mother. Ear mites can be
transmitted from one household pet to another.
If ear mites are present in a multiple-pet household
or a kennel or cattery, it is likely that if one
animal is treated, the mites will move to another
resident. The best preventive measure is to treat
all residents for mites.

Dogs with long, floppy ears are more prone to ear
mite infections. Air movement is restricted, promoting
infection and bacterial growth. When a dog shakes
its head excessively, blood vessels may rupture
and soft swellings form on the ear flap. This
condition is called hematoma and immediate treatment
is needed to avoid pain to the dog and possible
ear deformity.

Good ear health is vital to the well being of your pet because
ear problems can have very serious consequences such as:

Inflamed ears
Painful ears
Chronic Problems
Constant medication
Hearing loss
Discharge and odor
Intense scratching
Ear infections
Painful blood clots
Costly vet bills


What You Can Do To Help Alleviate The Problem

HealthyPetNet's ....Herbal Ear Formula
will help keep your pet's ears clean and healthy. This effective
blend of therapeutic herbs and mild cleansers
contains the best that Mother Nature and modern
science can offer. A regular cleansing regimen is
the key to healthy ears.

HealthyPetNet's Herbal Ear Formula effectively:

* Cleans ears and eliminates odors
* Disolves ear wax
* Removes dirt and debris
* Soothes minor irritations
* Leaves ears dry, which discourages regrowth of
harmful bacteria and fungus

It is non-toxic and safe for kittens and puppies and
formulated by one of the finest holistic vets in the world,
Dr. Jane Bicks.

For standard eared dogs use 1 to 2 times a week
For floppy eared dogs use 3 times a week
For inside cats use 1 time a week
For outside cats use 2 to 3 times week.

Your pet's ear health is important! Herbal Ear Formula
is easy to use and is only $9.95 and that is far cheaper
than a trip to the vets to have their ears cleaned.

Pick up a couple of bottles today and give your
precious pet the best product out there that money
can buy for their ears.

HealthyPetNet's Herbal Ear Formula contains:

* Aloe Vera .....which soothes and nourishes sores

* Chickweed.....lubricates the inner canal, so debris and wax
lifts to the surface

* Black Walnut......acts as an astringent

* Licorice.....soothes from the outside in

* St. John's Wort.....used where there is trauma and pain

* Skull Cap & Valerian.....soothes and calms irritated skin

Directions for Problem Ears:
Use for 3 to 4 days. If condition does not improve within 4 to 5
days, please consult your veterinarian.

Woofs and Purrs......and keep those ears healthy!


Your furry friends on the Net,
Tippy & Alfred
Senior Editors:

Happy & Healthy Pets

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