Restoring a totally junk John Deere 50 Tractor

Check out this restoration project on a John Deere Model 50 Tractor,
guess we didn't have anything better to do with our time. Ha Ha Ha!

Restore 1953 John Deere Model 50

Restoration started April 1995

Completed August 1995

John Deere 50 destined for the Bone yard

Everything on the tractor was froze. The sparkplugs
hadn't been in for who knows how many years,
the only thing that moved on the tractor was the mice in the nests.
To the right is a 37 B that runs, waiting for it's turn in the
restoration shop.

Ready for that Big Tractor junkyard in the Sky

Why bother with just doing cosmetics....might as
well start from she went down to
bare frame. There wasn't a single nut or bolt
that wasn't taken out....sometimes with much
force, grunting and cussin.

Just ask those froze solid pistons.....

My Great Idea....See if I could get it running......

Much time, and many dollars later

Fully Restored & Running Great Model 50

Please note: due to the graphic compression of the
photo, the tin work appears in the picture to be a bit fuzzy,
in real life it is smooth as a baby's behind. We've compressed all
the images on our site for faster load times, which sometimes make
the images a bit fuzzy, but it's that or wait for ever for these
big images to load

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