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The New Yorker Cat Cartoons

The New Yorker is a magazine that has published numerous
authors and artists. There have been so many cartoons
featuring specific animals that the New Yorker has published
cartoon books on nothing but a specific animal. For
instance, there are now two published books of collections
of cat cartoons that were previously published in the New

The first book, entitled "The New Yorker Book of Cat
Cartoons," was published by Knopf publications in 1990.
There are one hundred and two pages to the book and it is
filled with the work of many familiar artists, among whom
are Frank Modell, Helen Hokinson, Tom Cheney, Charles
Addams, Danny Shanahan, Mischa Richter, William Steig and
Saul Steinberg.

The artistic styles of New Yorker cat cartoons tend to be
anthropomorphic cats, juxtaposing cats for dogs and treating
humans like cats. The humor of the cartoons uses wit, satire
and pithy comments. Some of the best cartoons take the
ordinary to outrageous as a statement.

Here are some examples of cartoons in the book:

A woman letting a large number of cats out of the back door
and saying: "Everyone be home by two o'clock."

No words: A man sits in a chair reading with his feet on a
bear skin rug. Behind him, a cat lies in a bed with a mouse
skin rug on the floor in front.

A man receiving a call at work: "Your wife feels that your
cat needs to hear an authoritative male voice."

One mouse to another: "Miss Egan, bring me everything we
have on cats."

Dog to cat: "Hey, pal, let's hear 'Doggie in the Window'
again, and this time play it like you mean it!"

Cat to cat in bow tie: "I'm sorry, but I think it's un catlike."

Cat in casts to another cat in casts in vet's office: "I
tried to make it from the windowsill to the top of the
refrigerator. How about you?"

Cat behind loan officer desk in bank to dog: "Beg."

Man to cat: "The fact that you cats were considered sacred
in ancient Egypt cuts no ice with me."

Person shouting through the window to a woman in a roomful
of cats: "Glendora Hogan got another load of cats, Eleanor
honey. Can you take a couple?"

There is also a second book, "The New Yorker Book of All-New
Cat Cartoons," which provides, of course, even more cartoons
about cats. Both books are highly rated and most people,
whether or not they live with cats, enjoy them.

These books will brighten your day with their fun whimsical
characters and outrageous witty humor. They even sometimes
give you a glimpse into the everyday cat owner's life.

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