HealthyPetNet & Flint River Ranch

                                         Opportunity Comparison


Thank you for requesting information comparing the two different opportunities at 

Trilogy/HealthyPetNet & Flint River Ranch.       


Both of these businesses offer you various pros and cons, and both carry very nice 

lines of very high quality products for dogs & cats. Trilogy/HealthyPetNet also provides you

with an excellent line of products for humans

Both are US based only businesses.


          Please.....before you make a decision on which opportunity you would

like to become a part of.......Ask Yourself This Question:


      "Is this something I really want to do and can I Have Fun with this?"



Basically both opportunities involve talking with people about their pets. Then as the conversation progresses, you will find an opportunity to introduce the products to them.

You may do either business completely online, completely offline, or a combination of both. You can talk with people about their pets either face to face, over the phone, or via email.


Trilogy/HealthyPetNet offers you a Very Comprehensive training package showing you

various ways to conduct your business. Training for FRR is limited.

You may also be a part of BOTH opportunities at the same time.




Flint River Ranch HealthyPetNet
Cost to Sign Up No Yes....Also a Free Affiliate Program
Start-Up Cost $0.00 $19.95 For Starter Kit Plus 3 Web Sites!
Income Potential Unlimited Unlimited
Replicator Website No Yes
24/7 Online Customer Statistics No Yes
Inventory Required? No No
Network Marketing Yes Yes
Company Bonus for Signing up New Reps No No
Company Training No Yes
Downline Training Depends upon sponsor Yes
Company Support ? Yes
Weekly Training Conference Calls No Yes
Weekly Coaching Calls No Yes - with Owners
Weekly Product Info Calls No Yes - with Dr. Jane and Dr. Barry Sears
Company Sponsor Backup No Yes Dr. Jane Bicks Dr. Barry Sears - Zone Diet
'On Call' Veterinarian No Yes
Amount of Record-Keeping Yes Minimal
Toll-Free Distributor/Field Rep # No Yes
Distributor Manual Yes/cost is $8.00 Yes
Training Tapes No Yes
One-on-One with Company Owner No Yes
Commission Schedule 19% on 100 PVs Monthly 5% on $50 to $249 10% on $250 to $499 15% on $500 to $749 20% on $750 & Up!
Samples Available @ Rep's Cost Yes Yes - 35 cents
Company Logo No Yes



Start Up Cost to become a field rep:

    $19.95 for a starter kit + tax + $5 shipping

This includes the set up of your very own HealthyPetNet web site!


Starter Kit is required to become a field representative.
Value Packs are not required, but highly recommended.


Your Online Store


The replicator Web site is your online presence to conduct business.


At sign up, you will be asked to fill in a few easy questions (what you want your site named,

password, email address, etc) and then when you click Submit, the software in the

background will build your site for you. You DO NOT have to know any html, programming,

or anything like that, the software does all the set up work, it takes about 20 seconds.


Your web site will be similar to this one:


However, it will be unique to you. It will carry your identification code on all the pages

so you will get the credit for any sales made via your web site. People can go right on

to your site at any time, 24/7, and place an order for any product. You do not need to

be present. 



 The site does All the ordering & processing work for you!


Your web site will provide your customers with information on every product HealthyPetNet

carries....(includes ALL people and planet products!) It will take the order, collect all the 

customers information, collect the money, and record the order. 






What Happens Next?


When a person places an order from your site, you will get an email telling you that 

"Joe Dog Lover" placed an order on your site. 


Then HealthyPetNet will drop ship the product to the customer's door. 


Your site also provides you with a very handy "genealogy" list

of all your registered customers, the amount they ordered, their phone number and email.




How You Make Money


Once you become a Field Rep you will earn commissions on each product you sell. 

Each product has it's own unique commissionable sales level, and the more your personal sales increase, the higher your commission structure on each product becomes. Various products 

have "Quick Start" bonuses also.

There are also company bonuses that allow you to significantly increase your monthly income as you increase your customer and distributor base.

There is no monthly amount of products you are required to purchase to remain a Field Rep. However, in order for you to qualify for a check, you or someone in your entire downline must purchase at least $50 worth of products in that month. 


You are paid a "Fast Start" bonus if a rep that signs up under you purchases either or both

of the Pet Product or People Product Value Packs.




       Only monthly fee thereafter is 10.95 for maintenance
on the web site. The first month's fee is included in the Starter Kit.

There is NO monthly amount of products you need to purchase to remain a field rep. 

There must be a purchase of at least $50 in products from you, or someone in your downline in order to qualify each month for a check.


For your customers to order HealthyPetNet products:

1. You may send them to your replicator Web site and they order online.

2. You may provide your customers with a toll free telephone number where they can call in an order.

3. You may retail the products out of your home or offline store.

Any of the above 3 will work, and it's your choice how you want to do the business. With choice number 1 and 2, HPN takes care of all shipping/handling/money collection for you.


       To become a HPN Field Representative: Go to this site:

Click on the link at the bottom of that page that says
Field Representative Signup


    We would prefer to talk with you first, or if you need any assistance with

the signup process.


Call Dave at:  724-966-5374


Leave a message and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.



Flint River Ranch

     The start up cost to become a Flint River Ranch distributor is zero. 

     There are no monthly fees and no minimum amount of products you must purchase.

Once you become a Flint River Ranch distributor, you will earn commissions of 19% on every product in their line. However, you or someone in your downline must purchase at least a 100 Personal Volume (PV) each month in order to qualify for a commission check.

Each product has a unique PV. For instance, a 40 pound bag of dog food is equal to 39 PV, a 20 pound bag equal to 20 PV. A 20 pound cat food is equal to 36 PV and a 40 pound bag of cat food is equal to 70PV.


Company training is very limited. 

BOTH FRR & HPN are network marketing opportunities and both pay you commissions on your entire downline.


FRR does not pay you a fee to sign up a new distributor, HPN pays you a one time $50 if a new Field Rep signs up under you and purchases the Pet Product Value Pack, $75 for the

People Product Value Pack (not the Starter Kit...only the Value Packs)

For your customers to order Flint River Ranch products,

1. You may provide them with a corporate telephone order number. They will give your Distributor number when calling in an order and you will get credit for the sale.

2. You may also set up a shopping cart on your own web site and take orders over the Web, then you phone in the order. You will need to do this on your own, the company does NOT

provide you with an online web presence to order products from.

3. You may retail the products out of your home or offline store.

Any of the above 3 will work, and it's your choice how you want to do the business. With choice number 1, FRR takes care of all shipping/handling/money collection for you.




     Please Note:  If you are going to become a FRR distributor, you

are basically on your own. In our experience, company support is almost limited to zero.

We have been very disappointed in their phone support, so much that we don't

even bother calling anymore.



Trilogy/HealthyPetNet offers you weekly coaching and training calls, plus access

to Dr. Jane Bicks, the company veterinarian, plus a manned support phone line,

you do not get an answering machine unless calling after hours. They have Real

people who are there to support and help you. If calling within business hours, we always

get a real person and answers to our questions.


We do Not recommend FRR's cat food either. It has a corn as a major ingredient,

although it does have natural preservatives, for the small difference in price, the

cat food HealthyPetNet carries is far better for the health of a cat.


Please Note: Both opportunities are Only for U.S. residents.

If you would like to personally discuss either of these please call me at 724-966-5374



    Isn't It Time You Did Something Fun?





Helping pets stay healthy, 

Dave Cole          








This page was prepared by Tippy & Alfred, in between their nap times......