Whippet Stickers and Decals You can put on Your Windows

Every Whippet person can now deck out
their windows or glass by pasting some of these Pleasurable
Whippet Stickers or Whippet Decals so others can see
your devotion to this breed of dog.

Celebrate owning and having Whippets as you place
some of these Whippet Window Stickers on your car
windows or house windows or the windows of your office
or garage.

Just as the Whippet dog is adaptable, they can fit in anywhere,
down on the farm, in a city apartment, in the suburbs, so
will find these Whippet stickers and Whippet Decals
to be adaptable to fit in a big range of places
around the house or office.

And they are Fun to Look at and have around reminding you
of your favorite breed of dog.

Get on board and have some fun
with these Whippet Stickers or Whippet Decals
to spruce up your home and life

Whippet Stickers

Whippet's are long and lean with a head that tapers to it's nose.
The ears fold over and back. The Whippet's tail is long and
tapering heading straight down or between it's legs.

A Whippet's coat can be many varied colors with common being
a brindle and white or fawn and white color.

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