Wire Haired Dachshund Dogs

The Wire Haired Dachshund is the newest of the three coat
varieties in the Dachshund breed, with the first wire-haired
dogs imported into the United States as recently as the

It is thought that the Wire Haired variety of the Dachshund
dog breed was developed by crossing the smooth Dachshund
with a wire-haired terrier breed such as the Dandie Dinmont
Terrier or Schnauzer, or possibly with the Wire-haired

The thick, wiry coat of the Wire Haired Dachshund is
particularly suited to its original job as a hunter of small
animals such as rabbits and foxes; the rough outer coats
provides protection from rough brush and prey alike, and the
soft, short undercoat gives some insulation from cold or

All of the coat color variations of the short haired
dachshunds are accepted in show, but the coats of Wire
Haired Dachshunds are most often grizzled or "Wild Boar",
black and tan or shades of red. It sports a short, wiry-all-
over hairdo and bushy eyebrows, beard and moustache.

Its ears are covered with fairly smooth hair and the tail is
thickly furred but not flagged, and tapers gradually to a
point. The nose and nails should be black, and the body
conformation should the same as that of the Short Haired and
the Long Haired Dachshund.

Dachshund lovers say that the Wire Haired Dachshund has a
more terrier-like personality. It is extroverted, loves to
play, and has a great sense of humor.

As pets, Wire Haired Dachshunds make great family dogs, as
long as the children are kind and everyone is aware of and
careful of the Dachshund's tendency to back injuries. Males
and females of the Dachshund breed have few size or
temperament differences, though some say that females tend
to be more food oriented and males a little more playful.

Being both small dogs and hounds, housebreaking can be more
of a challenge than with some other breeds, but Dachshunds
are smart and will do fine as long as they are walked and
exercised and not left alone indoors for long periods
without a potty break.

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