The Coat Colors of the Labrador Retriever
By: Tippy & Alfred

There are two types and three basic colors of Labrador
Retrievers. The two types are the English Labrador and the
American Labrador. The three colors accepted by most breed
and kennel clubs are the Black Labrador, the Chocolate
Labrador, and the Yellow Labrador.

There is little real difference between the dogs of
different colors beyond their coat color, although some
owners say that Chocolate Labradors tend to be a little more
hyperactive and nervous than yellow or black Labradors. The
largest differences are between the English and the American
types, with the English Labs being generally shorter, more
stocky, and heavier than their American cousins.

All have short, hard, water-resistant double coats. The
Yellow Labrador color is fairly common in both Labrador
types, and matings of two Black Labradors may bear both
black and yellow pups.

There are two distinct yellows that have different genetic
combinations for color. If the dog inherits two genes for
dark skin the dog will have black or brown skin coloration
including a dark nose, lips, and eye rims. If the pup
inherits two genes for chocolate skin, the skin will be
liver or chocolate and the nose may be light and fade to
pink with age, especially in the winter. The genes for skin
color are not the same as the genes for coat color, so many
variations are possible.

A third and rarer genetic coloration produces light dogs
with pink nose, eye rims and feet. Dogs with this coloration
cannot be shown but they still make fine pets and hunting
companions. This coloration is often called "Dudley" and the
very light ones must be protected from sunburn if they are
outdoors a lot.

Feeding a Yellow Labrador Retriever is easy, they are good
eaters and a healthy, dry dog food is the best for them. Be
careful to not let your Yellow Lab overeat, however, or it
will gain weight quickly and that will be bad for its

Like all dogs, especially those that come from working dog
breeds, your Yellow Lab will need daily exercise. A good,
brisk walk with you gives the dog fulfillment of its pack
instincts as well as healthy exercise for you both, and some
of the play that Labs love so much will fill out the rest.
If you have a place for your Lab to swim, all the better.
Any color of Labrador will love the water, and fetching a
ball from the water is great exercise and fun for a healthy
Labrador Retriever.

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