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Grooming Your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have fairly long, beautiful,
fine, silky coats, but keeping your Cavalier King Charles
Spaniel well groomed is not a hard or expensive job if you
are consistent and well prepared for the task. Start regular
grooming sessions with your dog as soon as it comes to live
with you and the dog will accept them as a normal part of
the household routine. This is especially true if you always
give the dog a treat after it cooperates in a grooming

The first rule of thumb for keeping your Cavalier King
Charles Spaniel looking its best is to collect and keep on
hand the following supplies:

* Metal comb
* Slicker brush
* Grooming scissors or clippers
* Detangling spray
* Special shampoo and conditioner for dogs with fine hair
* Hair dryer
* Shedding tools are optional
* Dental chews and/or a dog toothbrush and toothpaste

Two or three times per week:

Brush your dog with the slicker brush for the body hair and
use the metal comb on the legs, tail and ears. Be careful to
gently but completely comb the ear hair and make sure that
the ear canal isn't blocked by mats or knots. Lack of good
air circulation to the ear canal is a recipe for infection.
You might use some special ear cleaning solution and a
cotton ball to clean the easily reached parts of the ear

If you encounter knots that won't come out with gentle
parting, try using the detangling spray before you work on
the knot again. Brush and comb in the direction the hair

Finish the session with a tooth brushing or at least a
dental cleaning treat.

Once per month:

Trim the hair on the bottom of the dog's feet with grooming
scissors. Be very gentle and careful so that your dog won't
come to fear this part of the grooming procedure. You don't
need to trim hair on any other part of the dog. Trim the
nails if they need it. Small dogs don't wear down their
nails as quickly as larger dogs and they usually need

Every few months:

Do a regular grooming session to make sure that there are no
tangles or mats in the dog's fur. Then bathe the dog with
the special dog shampoo and conditioner and lukewarm water.
Unless your dog is a show dog or your dog gets very dirty,
don't bathe it more than once a month at the most, even dog
shampoo is hard on their skin, and the natural oils are
important to both skin and fur health. Rinse the dog very
well and towel it off. Blow dry, especially if the weather
is cold. Comb the dog out as the hair begins to dry.

Approach grooming as a fun, bonding time with your dog and
you both will benefit from the attention.

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