Cozy and Warm Dog Beds
to keep your Dog Snug as a Bug

The Dog Bed

We humans love to please our best friends, and one of
the ways you can please your dog is to give it a bed of
its own.

Many people don't realize it, but to a dog lying on the
floor is not the most comfortable thing in the world.
If you have hardwood floors or vinyl flooring the floor
is a cold hard place that, especially if it is next to
a window or door, is drafty besides. Sleeping on a hard
surface isn't natural for dogs. Wild dogs make
themselves comfy and warm beds in caves or dens, with
soft dirt or leaves to lie on.

Many dogs would prefer exactly what humans sleep on, a
bed. In fact the dog bed may have come about because
someone was fed up with their dog constantly sleeping
on their bed, but was too guilty to make the dog sleep
on the floor.

If your dog trusts and loves you, it will want to sleep
with you. Like every dog in a wild dog pack, they want
to sleep near or even on top of their pals. In the
wild, this helps protect everyone and keeps every dog

Added to this basic instinct, domestic dogs, by their
domesticated breeding, are stuck in the "pleasing
puppy" stage psychologically and are insecure without
their "pack" around them.

If you don't like for your dog to sleep with you, a
good option is to get your dog it's own bed and keep it
in your bedroom so it doesn't feel like an outcast of
the pack.

There are all kinds of dog beds. In fact, they come in
every shape and size for your beloved pooch. For the
small sized dogs there are beds that look like little
miniature human beds with footboard and headboard and
all. Some even have canopies.

For the larger dog there are great big beanbag type
beds with a soft outer cover. Most dog bed covers can
be removed and machine-washed for cleanliness and to
keep down fleas and other pests.

The most basic of dog beds is the dog mat. This can be
made from any simple material and is basically a rug.
It can be any color or shape. The more upscale dog beds
look like little couches or human beds and cost more.
Usually these have some type of memory foam and are
made from high-end materials. There are also
electrically heated beds for elderly or arthritic dogs.

Whatever dog bed you choose, keep in mind that you dog
may have different tastes that you do. If your dog
doesn't like the dog bed that you bought for it then
try another one. If the dog absolutely refuses to use a
dog bed then try to make the dog bed more attractive to
them by giving the dog treats when they lay on it and
praising him for lying on it. Eventually your dog will
develop a habit and be happy to lie on its dog bed.

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Soft and comfortable dog beds that will help
your dog have a better nights sleep and protect
him from cold drafts and cold floors...and keep him
off your furniture.

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