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Exercising with your

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Dogs and their Exercising
By: Tippy

Your dog, depending upon its breed, should have mild to
moderate exercise every day. Exercise improves the health of
your dog. Most often exercise can be accomplished with a
walk at your favorite dog park or tossing a flying disk
around for your dog to fetch. You can often combine the
exercise with dog training and get a more efficient output for
your time.

Some small breed dogs like the Shi Tzu don't really need
much exercise at all beyond running around inside the house
and a daily walk to stimulate the bowels, but on the other
hand the herding dogs like the Australian Cattle Dog needs
lots of exercise to stay healthy mentally as well as
physically. Be sure to research your chosen breed of dog
before you buy it. If you don't have time to be running
around playing with your dog, then getting a working breed
of dog isn't the best option for you or the dog.

Exercise has a number of healthful benefits for a dog. It
naturally lubricates the joints, improves digestion,
improves the heart and lung function, and causes the
intestines and bowels to work properly. Exercise also can
stop a lot of bad behavior and emotional problems. It also
helps to prevent obesity, heart disease, poor muscle tone
and bone disorders.

You don't need to take your dog on a high impact run every
day; in fact this can be unhealthy for your dog. Most of the
time, a long walk is sufficient to get your dog the exercise
it needs. If you can think of exercises that improve
obedience and training you should do these. The best
exercises provide stimulation to both the mind and body and
give your dog a sense of accomplishment, especially when
there is a dog treat at the end.

There are some basic games that you can teach your dog that
will give it some fun and exercise. Of course there is the
classic "fetch" game that most people teach their dogs. You
might also teach your dog "dog agility," which is being able
to maneuver through obstacles quickly, correctly and fast,
at your direction. There is also Disk Catch and Disk
Freestyle that are very popular with active dogs and their

Remember to keep treats on you for rewards when the dog has
correctly done the trick you requested. You want your dog to
associate exercise and play as a good thing and never a bad
experience. This should be bonding time between you and your
dog and never something that is stressed over and made into
a negative experience to your dog.

Getting your dog its exercise can be good for you too. Most
often people who have dogs also have better health because
they have to walk and play with their dog. So if you want to
improve your health and get a wonderful playmate then a dog
may be a good option for you. But remember to get the right
breed for your activity level or the dog can run you into
the ground, literally

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