Should I buy Nylabones for my Dog?

Nylabones are made of a synthetic polymer that is shaped
like a bone and they are designed to keep your dog busy
chewing on something other than your shoes. They even come
in meaty flavors like chicken and beef and are available in
a variety of sizes for every size dog.

Chewing is a natural stress relief and a fun occupation for
most all dogs, and chewing on a suitable object goes a long
way toward keeping a dog's teeth clean of tartar as well, so
most dog owners provide chew toys for their dogs.

Nylabone has been one of the most trusted manufacturers in
the dog chew toy industry for over forty years. But lately
there has been some controversy as to whether or not
Nylabones are safe for dogs and puppies.

The controversy about whether the Nylabone is safe or not
comes from the fact that some people fear that if pieces of
the bone break off while the dog is chewing they could get
lodged somewhere inside the dog's digestive system and cause
a medical emergency. After a little research, the best
answer we came up with as to whether the Nylabone is safe or
not is "usually."

Nylabone is the first to admit there is no such thing as a
totally indestructible dog toy. They tell you on their
website that although the toy is meant to be used for a long
time and washed and re-used again, for the occasional dog
that is not feasible.

They also go into detail on what you need to do to make sure
that your dog is safe when it chews its Nylabone. The size
of the bone is the first key. You want to make sure that you
have the right sized product for your dog. The other key
factor to safety is that you check the Nylabone regularly
for extreme wear and tear and discard and replace it if it
becomes too worn.

If you have a dog in the house that just must have something
to chew most of the time, a Nylabone might be perfect for
you. But if you do choose to give them to your dog you
should watch the dog the first time you give it one to see
how it does with it. Check the bone often for wear and tear,
and get rid of it at the first sign of damage and you and
your dog should be happy with the Nylabone products.

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