Good Quality Dog Rawhide Bone Treats at Reasonable Prices

Dogs Love to Chew and rather than have them chew on
your shoes or some other object, why not
get them some of these Rawhide Bones. Your dog will
Love to chew on them for countless hours.

Rawhide Dog Bones

Rawhide dog bones are not just chew toys. They do a lot more for your dog than you may realize.

A good quality rawhide dog bone can be given to a brand new
puppy or a very old family friend. One of the very best
things that you can do for your dog is to give it a rawhide
dog bone. Every dog likes them and will chew on them for
hours, cleaning its teeth and exercising its gums in the
process. Chewing also stimulate the dog's digestive system
and makes for a healthier gastrointestinal system.

Here are some other benefits to a rawhide dog bone:

1. They improve dental health by controlling tartar build up,
scraping away plaque and maintaining gum health. This
reduces bad breath, whitens teeth, and reduces the risk of
serious dental problems.

2. Rawhide dog bones are entertaining and stimulate your
dog's senses. Rawhide dog bones will literally keep your dog
entertained for hours, and so are great environmental
enrichment tools, especially if you must leave your dog
alone for long periods. This is very important especially
for older dogs.

3. Rawhide dog bones satisfy your dog's instinct to chew.
Every dog has this instinct, be it small or large, young or
old. In some cases a rawhide bone helps to stop nervous
chewers that chew their fur off, by giving the dog something
better to chew on. This should also help to keep you dog
from chewing something more valuable to you, like your couch

4. Rawhide dog bones help soothe the puppy during teething
time. Chewing will help to relieve the pain involved with
getting a second set of teeth. It also helps them to lose
their baby teeth when the adult set of teeth is coming in.

Rawhide is literally the outside of a cow or the skin, so it
is completely natural. However, cowhide is not regulated so
there could be danger of pesticides, hormones or dangerous
chemicals. And if a dog manages to swallow large chunks or
chew to bits and swallow a rawhide dog bone in a short
period of time, it can be dangerous and make it sick or
possibly even cause impaction of the gut, which can be
fatal. So when you by rawhide dog bones, be sure that they
are top quality and tightly wrapped, and only buy them from
a reputable pet supply provider.

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