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Karl & Dave live on a small farm tucked neatly away in the
southwestern corner of Pennsylvania. It is mostly a rural area, lots of
trees, woods, and hills! Big flat spots are hard to come by.

Karl is now 18, and has started his career as a sports therapist by
attending classes at Waynesburg College. He has gotten in to college life by
becoming a leadership scholar, and also is playing on the baseball team.

He's been driving the tractors around the farm now since he was 9,
and when he was a young'un, Dave made a special seat for him and
he would always want to go with Dave to the fields.

Karl is into dirt bike racing big time. Besides girls, it's about all he
ever thinks about. He wants to become a dirt bike mechanic when
he graduates. While racing does have it's dangers, it has made him a
pretty good driver because you've got to learn to really focus and
pay attention and think ahead when racing.

Dave's been farming for over 30 years, at one time we farmed almost
275 acres. It's hard work, the pay is low and the hours are really, really

One of the greatest things Dave has ever done is be a home school dad
for Karl. Dave home schooled him from Kindergarten until 7th grade
when he wanted to go to public school.

With not doing home schooling, there was big loss in time, and needing
something to fill the time that was rewarding and worthwhile, Dave started
an Internet business. There have been many ups and downs, a lot of
money spent on useless things, a tremendous learning experience, but
things are coming along nicely and in fact it replaced the income from
the farm, so last year we sold all the cows and most of the machinery
to devote as much time as possible to the business.

If you would like to find out more about exactly how we make
money and help pets and people doing it, please go here:

Helping pets & people live longer & healthier Lives

Dave loves to coach baseball, managing two teams, Pony (ages 13 & 14)
and Colt (ages 15 & 16). Karl is a pretty darn good baseball player
himself, and is a pitcher on the college team.

Of course there's Tippy, our beloved friend now for almost 12 years.
She's a purebred Border Collie with a very tender and sweet disposition,
she wouldn't hurt a sole. But she's a big brave dog when it comes to
herding cattle, she's not afraid of the biggest bull in the field and will
go right after any cow that happens to get out.

Alfred came to us as a rescue from the local vet not too long after
Tippy's arrival. He was a kitten, almost all black American Shorthair
with only a small patch of white fur under his chin. He was quite the
tom cat and fighter before a trip to the vets to be "fixed". Now
he likes to nap, and eat, and then nap, and then eat some more.
But Alfie's about the most laid back cat we've ever seen. We can
do almost anything with him and he doesn't complain, except travel
and take baths....

Little Cat A, Little Cat C, Little Cat B were all dumped off at the farm
when they were very tiny kittens. They hid out in the high weeds along the
road and one by one, We were able to rescue them. It's very unfortunate
they started out without their mother, they were so scrawny and
famished when we finally found them, it surely damaged them to some
degree not getting the proper start nutritionally in life.

But they are all thriving as much as possible on the great food and
supplements we give them and have turned out to be very nice kitties.

T. C. Kitty (Top Cat) was another stray we rescued from the woods. We
were walking in the woods and up comes this beautiful, but very muddy
cat and just followed us for a mile or so back to the car. We named
her T. C. Kitty cause she was the smallest of all our cats, yet when
she came in the house, she took over, and took over right now!
Even to the point of terrorizing the other cats, until she got her way.

We got into goats when Karl was small and used goat milk instead
of cows milk as he was growing up. We've since quit milking and
have sold most of the goat herd, yet we still keep Annie and Daisy.
Their job is to walk around all the fences and make sure they find
all the holes. But Annie is a really big goat, as lovable as you
would ever want to find a goat.

Shadow and Smokey are our newest additions. Smokey is full Quarter
horse, Shadow 3/4 Arabian and 1/4 Quarter.

All of us here hope you really enjoy and like our site. We've tried really
hard to provide you with some of the best information on all aspects
of pet and animal care we can.

Please feel free to write and tell us how you like our site and also
we would love to hear of any improvements you think we can make.

Your friends,
Dave & Karl,
Tippy and Alfred, Little Cat A, Little Cat B, Little Cat C,
TC Kitty Kat, Miss Patches Marie Kitty Cat, Shadow and
Smokey, Annie and Daisy, Ralph Turtle, Tommy Turtle,
Dorothy and Nemo, Petey Bird, Petunia, and Tweet Tweet,
Rocky and Bullwinkle, Bert and Ernie.

See pictures of Tippy, Alfred, and the Kitties
See pictures of Shadow, Smokey, & Annie
See pictures of Petey Bird, Petunia & Tweet Tweet

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