Is the English Springer Spaniel a Good Dog for You?
By: Tippy & Alfred

The male English Springer Spaniel can reach nineteen to
twenty-one inches (forty-eight to fifty-three centimeters)
in height and weigh between forty-five and fifty-five pounds
(twenty to twenty-five kilograms). The female can reach
eighteen to twenty inches (forty-six to fifty-one
centimeters) and weigh between forty and fifty pounds
(eighteen to twenty-three kilograms). These measurements are
based on healthy averages for this breed. They live on
average twelve to fourteen years of age.

This dog breed hunts well on both land and in water and is
great at brush work. They also make good retrievers. This
breed also makes a great family dog because of its gentle,
merry personality. Their talents include: agility,
competitive obedience, hunting, performing tricks,
retrieving, tracking and as a watchdog.

The English Springer Spaniel will do fine in an apartment
when given enough exercise. They adapt well to city or town
life. They are relatively inactive indoors and do best in a
home with an average sized yard.

This dog will do fine off the leash in a safe area as they
love to run and play. They also like to retrieve and swim so
playing fetch in the water is great fun. These dogs also do
well performing in agility trials and obedience

The coat of the English Springer Spaniel is fairly easy to
maintain. It needs regular brushing with a stiff bristle
brush in order to keep the coat looking good. The bench-type
Springer coats need a little more attention, however.

Dry shampoo or bathe only when necessary. The ears need to
be checked regularly for infections. If you do not regularly
brush the coat of a Springer the fur will mat. Extra
attention should be paid to the ears and feet. The hair
should be shaved on the underside of the ears otherwise it
can lead to chronic ear infections.

The fur on the feet needs to be kept trimmed in order to
prevent burrs and foxtails from imbedding in the fur. The
longer the coat is kept the more burrs, branches and leaves
the dogs will pick up that will need to be combed out.
Failing to do this will make the fur mat badly. This breed
is a constant average shedder.

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