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Helping your Pet Pig manage Pain and Death

The first step in helping a pig to manage pain is to recognize
that the pig is in pain. Unfortunately, your pig will not let you
know it is hurting by whimpering or crying out. Pigs
instinctively do not alert any other being to the fact that they
are in pain; it is an instinct that helps to prevent them from
being singled out to be attacked and eaten by predators. This is
an instinctive survival trait that is still intact from when pigs
were not domesticated.

You may know that your pig is in pain by these warning signs:

1. If you see your pig drawing back its lips and it is grimacing
or has a pinched face, it may be in serious pain.

2. Your pig refuses food. (This can also indicate stomach acid
build up, or indigestion.)

3. The pig does not want to be touched. A piglet may scream when
you even approach him.

4. The pig is shivering when the temperature is not low.

5. The pig does not seem interested in his surroundings.

6. Your pet stops interacting with people or other animals. Often
a pig in pain will go off and lie down alone.

The way a pig deals with pain is often unique to the pig and you
will have to pay attention to your pig to find out what his cues
are. It may not be easy to understand why your pig stops eating
or doesn't want to be touched. If any of these symptoms occur you
should take your pig to the veterinarian to have him checked.
That way you might be able to relieve the pain or at least get
some medicine to help control it.

If you pig is diagnosed with a disease that is incurable and will
cause great pain to your pig you should consider euthanasia. You
must do what is best for you pig in these situations, rather than
just considering your own feelings.

For a pig that has a loving family, a caring owner and a long
life, death is a natural end to life and can be accepted by all.
Love your animals no matter what type of animal they may be.
Understand that death is inevitable and accept it when your pig
is going to be going over the rainbow bridge. It is sad but you
probably will have time to mourn, make the last days with your
pig the best you can so that you will remember it with good
thoughts. And make sure to give him his easy to digest favorite
foods on the way out so that he will have a nice final time with

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