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Adopting a Dog from a Shelter - Part 4
By: Tippy & Turbo

Continued from How to Adopt a Dog from a Shelter Part 3

9. How much time can you spend with your dog?

In our opinion, if you aren't prepared to spend plenty of
your time with your dog then you shouldn't adopt a dog. Dogs
are pack animals, and while some dogs will withstand being
alone better than other dogs, if you work long hours, are
gone most of the day and when you come home you just want to
sleep, then getting a single dog is out of the question for
you. If you also get a companion for the dog, that will
help, but both dogs will still need your companionship,
love, and training.

When a dog is left alone for long hours it equates to being
outcast from the pack, and your dog may exhibit negative
behavior to get your attention, including submissive
urinations, which will likely lead to your getting angry at
the dog, making the problem worse. If you want to keep a dog
but you are seldom at home, consider hiring a daily dog
walker or taking your dog to a doggie daycare while you are

10. How much exercise can you give your adopted dog?

If you have health or mobility issues, only get a breed of
dog that requires little exercise, unless you have someone
that can exercise the dog for you each day. Or people who
don't have time to run around the block three or four times
a day also need a dog that requires little exercise.

Dogs are wonderful companions and can brighten your days.
But a dog that doesn't get enough exercise gets fat, lazy
and sick. They also develop mental and emotional problems.
Dogs also need exercise so that their digestive tract will
work properly. Unless you intend to have your dog paper-
trained all of its life you will need to take it for walks
outside. If this is a problem then having a dog may not be
possible for you.

If you need exercise, like dogs and have no aversion to
being outside then having a dog is great. And your dog will
remind you to take a walk and get your exercise.

Remember: You must put your dog's health and wellbeing above
your own. Too many people think that a dog is an object
there to supply their needs, when in actual fact the
opposite is truer.

Never give a dog or puppy as a pet unless the person is well
aware that they are getting a puppy or dog and they know how
to take care of it. Dogs depend on you for their care; do
not allow yourself or others to fall into the trap of
treating a dog like a toy.

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