Put Some Zest in Your Life with an
Afghan Hound Coffee Cup

Coffee Cups and Drinking Mugs are
now available which feature your favorite breed of dog,
the Playful Afghan Hound.

Everyone who has gotten one of these Delightful
Afghan Hound Coffee Cups and Afghan Hound Drinking Mugs
has told us what a really good feeling they get
when they are sipping their morning java or
their afternoon cup of tea from them.

Not only are they so much Fun to drink from, they
also make a good accessory to spruce up and decorate
your kitchen or office desk.

Don't you believe your day will go better
just having a reminder around of your favorite dog.

They make great keepsakes and gift items! Get Your
Afghan Hound Coffee Cup or Mug Online today

Afghan Hound Mugs are Here

You might not realize this, but according to a
study by the journal Science, there are 15 breeds
of dogs that are the oldest and closest
genetically to wolves.

One of these 15 is the Afghan Hound with it's
origins in ancient Afghanistan.

While Afghan Hounds are usually gentle dogs, they
are cautious around strangers and quite sensitive
to noises they are not familiar with.

If you own an Afghan Hound, obviously grooming is
vital, and Afghans also need just as much is daily
exercise. They love to play and run. If not given
exercise and play time you may find you have an
Afghan on your hands that starts having behavior

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