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Expert Dog Care Tips & Canine Health Information

Free reports and information on all aspects of dog health & dog care.

Brought to you by: Tippy & Alfred.

We here at Pet Care Tips know you totally love your
canine companion. As a caring dog owner and friend,
you only want the best in information and in care
products so your dog can live the longest and healthiest
life that is possible. And a life that is full of
joy, happiness and well being.

Thank you for coming to our dog care site. Here you
will find just about anything you would ever need to
know on taking care of your dog.

We have extensive libraries on our site on puppies,
puppy care, dog training, health care, all about each
of the breeds of dog, plus some excellent gift items
for dog lovers, and much, much more.

Just browse through the links below until you find
what you are looking for. Or you may scroll down and
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All the pets here Thank You for visiting our site
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Dog Gift Items

Adorable Stuffed Plush Dogs and Stuffed Animals

Cool Dog Calendars

Dog Breed Specific Gifts (Gift Items for almost all Dog Breeds!)

Visit our Dog Supply Shop for all your Dog Supplies & Needs

Top Rated Dog Supplies and Products

Index of Supplies for your Dog
Dog Odor Remover
Natural Dog Immune System Enhancer
How to keep your Dog & Cat Healthy

Mellow Out Natural Dog Relaxant (helps your pet deal with stress)
Natural Antioxidant Supplement for Dogs
Effectively Remove Dog & Smoke Odor from your Home
Effective Solution for Doggy Bad Breath

HealthyPetNet Natural Dog Care Products
Natural Healthy Treats for your Dog
Antioxidant Treats for Dogs

Dog and Pet Information Libraries

Each of the below links will take you to an index page.
Each index page contains a wealth of articles and information
on each specific topic.

Library of Dog Training and Behavior information Articles
Library of Information on Dog Breeds

Library of Information on Puppy Care & Puppy Training
Library on Animal Welfare & Pet Law

Library of Miscellaneous Dog Stuff and Doggie Articles
Library of General Dog & Pet Care Information

Famous Canines and Pets
Cool Dog & Pet Stuff

Dog Sports

Canine Care Information
Adopting a Dog from a Shelter or Pound
Adopting a Dog from a Shelter - Part 2
Adopting a Dog from a Shelter - Part 3
Adopting a Dog from a Shelter - Part 4

All about Breeding/Pregnancy/Birthing
Find out if your Dog is Fat 
Get a Free Sample of our Premium Dog Food

Help... my Dog's Overweight
How can I tell if my Dog's in Heat?
How to Determine if your Dog is Overweight

Lean Dogs Live Longer
Should I Give my Dog Vitamins?
Things Not to do when Feeding your Dog
Tips on how your Dog can Live a Longer Life

Vaccination Schedule for Dogs
Weight Problems in Pets... do Diet Foods Work?
What every Dog Loves!
What's Really in your Dog's Food?

What's the Best Dog Food for your Money?
Why is Life's Abundance Dog Food Better for my Dog?
Why your Dog's Nutrition is Important

Canine Dental

Canine Dental Care
Canine Dental Health Solutions
Dog and Cat Dental Health

Dog Toothpaste
Everything Dental for your Dog
Give the poor Doggy a Bone...Yes or No?

Healthy Teeth & Gums
Dog Dental Solutions
What are Nylabones?

What to do for Dog Bad Breath
What causes Doggy Breath

Parasites and Fleas

All about Canine Hookworms
  Canine Hookworms - Prevention and Treatment
All about Canine Whipworms
  Prevention and Control of Canine Whipworm
All about Ear Mites in Dogs
All about Heartworms in Dogs

All about Ringworms in Dogs
All about Roundworms in Dogs
All about Tapeworms in Dogs
Health Risks of Tapeworms in Dogs
Treatment of Tapeworms in Dogs
Get Rid of Dog Earmites

Tick Borne Disease
Tick-borne Diseases in Dogs - Babesiosis
Tick-borne Diseases in Dogs - Ehrlichiosis
Tick-borne Diseases in Dogs - Lyme Disease
Tick-borne Diseases in Dogs - Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Will Spider Bites Hurt my Dog?

Canine Health

Arthritis in Dogs
 Canine Arthritis
 Canine Arthritis - Part 2
 Cause of Canine Arthritis
 Medications used in Treating Canine Arthritis
 Medicines used to Treat Canine Arthritis - Deramaxx
 Medicines used to Treat Canine Arthritis - Rimadyl
 Natural Alternative Treatments for Canine Arthritis
 Prevention of Canine Arthritis
 Symptoms of Canine Arthritis - Part 1
 Symptoms of Canine Arthritis - Part 2
 Treatment of Canine Arthritis

Bladder Stones in Dogs
Bloat Prevention in Dogs

Canine Distemper
  Diagnosis and Treatment of Canine Distemper
  Canine Distemper - Symptoms and Stages
  Preventing Canine Distemper and Prognosis for Infected Dogs

Canine Hip Dysplasia & Mobility Problems
Canine Hypothyroidism
Canine Parvovirus

Canine Urinary Tract Infections
Copper Storage Disease
Epilepsy in Dogs
Heart Disease in Dogs

Help with Hip Dysplasia
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Kennel Cough

Myasthenia Gravis in Dogs
My Dog has Allergies
My Dog has Diabetes

My Dog has Diarrhea
My Dog's Constipated
My Dog Has Excessive Gas
Noise Phobia Treatments
  Natural and Alternative Treatments for Noise Phobic Dogs

Skin, Coat & Allergy Problems
Skin Problems...what's Normal & what's Not
What you Can do about Skin/Coat Problems for your Dog

Vomiting In Dogs
Von Willebrand's Disease
Von Willebrand's Disease in Dogs - Types and Symptoms
Von Willebrand's Disease in Dogs - Treatments
Why Stones & Crystals Form in Dogs & Cats

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