Start Your Day Off Right With a Beautiful
Akita Drinking Cup

As the Akita breed of dog is a fine
specimen who is bold and proud, we think you will find our
Akita Mugs & Coffee Cups to be a just tribute to the Akitas.

Everyone who gets one of these Akita mugs ends up falling
in love with Them! They just can't help themselves.

Buy one of these Lovely Akita Mugs or Coffee Cups
and Feel Wonderful as you drink your favorite beverage
from these Akita Coffee Cups and Mugs

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One of the better known breeds of dogs which originated
in Japan, the Akita has even been designated as one of
Japan's natural monuments.

In Japan, the Akita is widely used as a police dog
and guard dog where it's natural instincts allow
the Akita to do a wonderful job in both capacities.

The first Akita didn't come to the United States until
1937 when Helen Keller brought one back from her visit
to Japan. It only got recognition from the American
Kennel Club in 1972.

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