History and Requirements of the Australian Kelpie
By: Tippy and Alfred

The Australian Kelpie averages seventeen to twenty inches
(forty-three to fifty-one centimeters) in height and weighs
from twenty-five to forty-five pounds (eleven to twenty
kilograms). They are medium-sized and built very similarly
to the Australian wild Dingoes.

The Kelpie was bred from Dingos crossed with Border Collies
and a few other dog breeds such as the English North Country
Collies. There are nearly one hundred thousand Kelpies
employed on the Australian continent. They are literally an
all round working dog that can help with just about any task
from herding to competitive obedience.

The Australian Kelpie would not do well in an apartment or a
suburban backyard. They are dogs that need to work and they
require large open spaces to run. Ideally a Kelpie lives on
a farm, ranch or some other place with a specific job it
needs to do. Their coat is all weather and they do fine in
extreme heat and extreme cold. This dog has no problem
living outside with adequate shelter.

The Australian Kelpie is a dog that requires a job. They
need a lot of exercise as their energy levels are very high.
But they are workaholics and when working you may need to
rein them in or they can collapse from exhaustion.

They are wonderful jogging companions and require long walks
daily. But it isn't a good idea to allow your Kelpie puppy
to run ahead of you; otherwise you may have a dominance
battle on your hands later on. You should let your dog be
beside you or behind you so that the lines of dominance are
clearly drawn.

The Australian Kelpie lives on average ten to fourteen
years. Litters are usually around four to seven puppies.
Kelpies are easy to groom and you need only occasional run a
stiff bristle brush through their fur. This breed will shed
averagely and you may want to brush their coat out more
often when they do shed.

You should only give them a bath when necessary, because a
bath removes the natural oils in their fur drying their skin
out and making it less weather resistant. In extreme heat or
cold it is important for the dog to maintain the right level
of natural oils; otherwise it can overheat or freeze.

Although Kelpies are necessarily hardy dogs, this breed does
have problems with PRA also known as Progressive Retinal
Atrophy that can lead to complete loss of sight.

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