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Border Collies:

full of Spunk, Spirit

& Determination

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What your Border Collie Needs for Care and Feeding
Tippy & Alfred

The Border Collie is a dog breed that is generally hardy.
They are sometimes genetically vulnerable to some health
problems including Eye Disease, Eye Anomaly, Hip Dysplasia
and PRA. They are also vulnerable to deafness and epilepsy.
Most Border Collies are allergic to fleas, so controlling
parasites is a must.

The Border Collie is not an apartment-dwelling dog. They are
a very high energy active breed inside and outside. They do
best when they have some acres to roam freely. The dog breed
can do fine in a kennel providing there is enough daily
activity and it is able to spend time with its owner daily.

This dog breed needs exercise. If they are not provided
enough exercise they use their stored energy and
intelligence to get into trouble. This dog was bred to work
and they are happiest when they have a job to do. They are
tireless when it comes to performing their tasks.

Border Collies are agile, fast and lively, with boundless
energy and enough gumption and intelligence to perform just
about any feat you set them to. They should be taken on a
long daily walk even if they have been roaming outside all
day. The daily walk is a task performed for both
psychological and physical needs.

This dog will play for hours and then bring the sheep back
into the fold, and it's all in a day's work for the Border Collie.

Your Border Collie will need regular brushing and combing in
order to keep its coat shiny and healthy. The coat and ears
should be checked regularly for ticks. During shedding the
dense and soft undercoat will need a little more attention.
Only when necessary should you bath or dry shampoo this dog.
This dog breed is an average shedder.

Today this dog breed is used for all kinds of jobs and tasks
including: Agility, Assistance Dog, Blind Guide Dogs, Bomb
Detection Dog, Farm Dog, Flyball Dog, Frisbee Dog, Herding
Dog, Narcotics Dog, Obedience Trial Dog, Police Dog and
Search and Rescue Dog.

Picture of Border Collie

Taking Extra Special Care of the Border Collie
Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M

The Border Collie is a very bright dog, however
it can be a handful for a new owner.

Not the grooming or general care, but the training.

Use positive reinforcement with healthy treats - no
sugar, dyes, or preservatives.

The coat thrives on high quality protein and fat foods.

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Delicacy for your Border Collie Dog

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Leaving food down all day should help reduce some
of the stress from being alone.

When he really gets anxious, calming herbs like
valerian can help reduce restlessness.

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Savory Taste any Border Collie dog will go bonkers over.

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