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Australian Shepherd Drinking Mug

Just as the Australian Shepherd dog is Colorful
and Majestic, you will find our Australian Shepherd
Coffee Cups and Australian Shepherd Mugs to be.

The Australian Shepherd is a proud dog. It's proud
of who it is and what it does. They are full of
confidence, very independent, have a high degree of
intelligence, quick wits and quick reactions.

If you keep an Aussie as a pet, you must give it
daily exercise and lots of physical activities.
The Australian Shepherd thrives on being challenged.

Do not keep an Aussie as an apartment pet or indoors
dog which never gets out. You will be sorry. He will
cause you a lot of frustration because this dog needs
to run and work and do something with it's life
other than being a pooch potato.

We Love Aussies!!!

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Every boy who has a dog should also have a mother, so the dog
can be fed regularly.

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