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A member of the Hound Group of dogs, the name
Basenji literally means "bush thing or bush dog".

Basenji dogs weren't very popular until the
late 1950's when a movie, Goodbye My Lady
came out of Hollywood. Goodbye My Lady
was a very good family film starring
Walter Brennan, Brandon De Wilde, William Hopper,
Phil Harris, Sidney Poitier, and Louise Beavers,
and of course a Basenji dog. John Wayne was
the producer.

The movie Goodbye My Lady was based on a novel written
by James Street. Skeeter a young boy living with
his uncle in the swamps in Mississippi hears a
strange sound and goes looking. He isn't sure what
the creature is, but his uncle tells him it's a dog.

Skeeter finally catches and tames the Basenji which
he names Lady. While Skeeter thinks Lady should be
trained as a bird dog and sets out to train her as such.

After becoming attached to Lady, Skeeter finds out
that she is really someone else's pet and when the
rightful owner returns, Skeeter has to return the dog.

The movie was filmed in Georgia where the movie's
setting was changed to Georgia but other major
changes to the novel were not made. Goodbye My Lady
was released by Warner Brothers on May 12, 1956.

The Basenji in the movie was played by a dog named
My Lady of the Congo. There were also 4 additional
Basenji dogs who played various scenes as Lady.
After the movie, Lady was adopted by Brandon De Wilde.

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